Crytek’s Warface Release Narrowed Down; Console Port A Possibility

The Western release date for Crytek's F2P (free-to-play) shooter Warface has been narrowed, and its console possibilities revealed.

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ATi_Elite2305d ago

I've been playing the Russian release and so far Warface is a Solid game!!

I like the "Riot Shield" as that brings in some unique teamwork with my squad huddle behind me blasting away as we push forward.

I see Warface hitting the consoles especially seeing how the PC is overloaded with quality F2P shooters.

Planetside 2 and Firefall will reign supreme as the best F2P shooters along with the ever evolving Team Fortress 2

Naners2305d ago

Do you think that the game measures up to other AAA releases?