Destructoid gamescom Preview: DmC: Devil May Cry keeps on getting better


Being one that writes about games for a living, I'm in a rare position that has me playing some games as they're being made, letting me sort of follow its development along the way. Ninja Theory's upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry is one of those games for me.

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Parappa2254d ago

People who have played it know how good it is. They should release a demo to the public near release (they did for their other games anyway) and then the people hating on it can see why it's good. Of course there will still be people in denial or just completely biased about it based on how Dante looks.

Elda2254d ago

You're so right,who cares what he looks like as long as the game is fun.

Kureno_Nakamura2254d ago

Even if the game is good, you're giving your money to an egotistical jerk who insulted the old series, fans of the old series and pretty much Japanese game design in general.

Statements which he has yet to apologize for.

I'm not rejecting the game because of a new Dante or anything like that; I'm rejecting the idea of giving Tameem my money.

Elda2254d ago

I personally don't care what this guy supposedly said,he didn't say anything to me directly nor do I know him, I like the DmC series & this game looks fun so I'm going to play this game & hopefully enjoy playing it,I'm not going to miss out on the fun on account of a developers rant or what the main character looks like,lifes too short for such trivial bs,either you're going to play this game or to whomever doesn't want to play this game move on & worry about a game they're interested in.