Top 10 Revisits in Gaming

SA writes: Revisits in games are when you go to an area in a game that was used in a previous game....but it has to be a particular place (it can't be like the Mushroom Kingdom as a whole, for has to be a level). In the revisit of the newer game, you could see the changes that happened within that area over the time that passed over the courses of the games--perhaps seeing some sort of updated graphics. Maybe you may return there for a different mission, or for a trip down memory lane. Either way, it's neat to come back to these places to see what changes the developers made to the areas--whether they be small or massive ones.

In a sense, remakes have tons of these "revisits", but for this list, I'm not going to do that since that would make this list filled with levels from remakes and it would make the list a bit too easy to make. Instead, I'm going to pick out the ones from games that just sequels to franchises that may include a level from a past game as a bonus. It's also more interesting to find those, too. Therefore, here are my top 10 best revisits in gaming.

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bacano2278d ago

Shadow moses.... :') Snake's dream in MGS1 style is another proof that Kojima is a GENIOUS.

dorron2278d ago

Shadow Moses is definitely #1 !!!

FinaLXiii2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

nothing tops Shadow Moses return like MGS4 did.

Some i think that deserve a mention:

Max Payne 3 - New York
FFX-2 - Besaid beach
Bioshock 2 - Rapture