Top 10 Video Game Franchises

Top100Arena writes: Let's face it. Every gamers have played at least five of the highly-acclaimed and massively popular video game franchises. Such franchises are in fact the cornerstone of the gaming industry. Many games in the market we enjoy are either sequels, prequels or spin-offs and they actually never fail to take the market by storm. With the introduction of new platforms and mixing genres, it seems that there will be an endless flow of new entries to series in all shapes and sizes. While we, as gamers, definitely enjoy entirely new games. However, a combination of something new and something familiar at the same time gives us the most involving and moving gaming experiences we have encountered. We have compiled a list of top 10 video game franchises we all love, and we know you love them too.

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CLOUD19832252d ago

I have np with Mario as No1 although I stop playing Mario games more than 16 years ago but I recognize what this platformer have contribute to the game industry & gamers all over the world every1 at some point of their lives as gamers play Super Mario & I am sure the experience was unforgettable at least back then, but Zelda over FF no way I disagree strongly & Zelda cant compare with some of the best FF in story, production values, depth & I am sure that FF is much more recognizable around the world & sell far better.