X06: Gears of War demo footage

For those who missed the stream of the press conference, or if you had troubles with it, Xboxyde has uploaded the whole demo of Gears of War by Cliffy B, lead designer of the game.

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Balance5916d ago

what are you talking about?

on topic the video was awsome, did you see the locuts fall when he shot the legs, i can't wait for the chainsaw!

General5916d ago

PS3 Fan is just a small little Sony child, Ignore him ;)
Anyway this is bloody amazing! That Chainsaw ROCKS!

Cyclonus5916d ago

World's best graphics, solid framerate, top animations...but an absolutely boring demo. CliffyB should've shown some killer cutscenes or monsters or something. I'm not judging the game, just CliffyB's presentation of it. The E3 demo was infinitely more engaging.

Having said that, I'm sure all the HD footage we'll get tommorow will be much more impressive.

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