DmC: Devil May Cry sequel teased

DmC: Devil May Cry could be the first step in a new series of games. Capcom producer Alex Jones says he wants players to consider “what could come next” after finishing the main story.

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CarlosX3603021d ago

The game's not even out, and there's a new sequel, already? Really?

vallencer3021d ago

Not to sure if you read it or not he's just saying people should think if what a next one would entail. Doesn't mean there will be a next one.

chazjamie3021d ago

i can barely tolerate this new dante (his shitty attitude and slow movements), so i truly hope this was a once off thing. yes, i am getting the game because its dmc (and i adore everything dante related)

Karlnag33021d ago

"i can barely tolerate this new dante"
"i adore everything dante related"

... good job.

chazjamie3021d ago

it makes no sense. i know. i contradict myself, but its dante, i dont really care. its the same logic i see when a mario game is released ("its recycled", but it doesnt negate interest or prevent sales).

csreynolds3021d ago

Can we have the first game first, please?

Metal-X3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

90% of the Devil May Cry fanbase hate this game before it's even out and they're planning a sequel?!.

zerocrossing3021d ago

Im hoping “what could come next” after DmC is a direct apology to the core fanbase for all the insults and crap they've put us through, some information on Devil may cry 5 and a possible release date.

Information Minister3021d ago

Cliffhanger ending confirmed...

It's like they're doing the best they possibly can to stop people from buying this game.

3021d ago
yami9303021d ago

and knowing Capcom they'll sell you the ending in DLC...

Summons753021d ago

by Sequel I hope you mean a proper DeviL May Cry 5 and not this emo bull crap you think people actually like.

Kratoscar20083021d ago

As i said if the game is good then i hope a sequel come, Dante for me is the same as long as he kickass not because his lame one liners, the plot of the series hasnt been great so if NT comes with a plot superior then hell yeah.

I have played DMC 1,2,3 but 4 was a huge dissapointment so if DMC surpass DMC 4 then i want DMC 2 instead of DMC 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.