Will the PS Move’s Until Dawn suffer the same fate as Kinect’s Rise of Nightmares?

With the announcement of the PS Move Until Dawn game, I have to wonder if it will suffer from the same problems as the Kinect's Rise of Nightmares.

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NukaCola2911d ago

The Move does not have the same issues the Kinect has technically. The issue is whether the game is effected by price, gameplay, and the other things that make and break a game. So far it looks ok. I never turn away a game until I see it's final product though.

Got to say when it comes to PSN Move titles...nothing is as impressive as The Unfinished Swan.

Stuart57562910d ago

A game that hasn't come out yet that you ent played?

raytraceme2910d ago

another thing is that this game is not an on the rails game like RON was on kinect.

piroh2910d ago

core games need buttons

SlavisH22910d ago

undercover troll found, Rise of nightmare was not on rails. try again, lmao DAAMN! it all comes don't to if the game is fun or not period.

Wizziokid2911d ago

I don't think so, Move is a very responsive device and games like Sorcery have shown it can work the thing with Kinect is that it doesn't register movement well and has the lag issues.

_LarZen_2910d ago

Cant compare Kinect to Move at all.

I played Killzone 3 with Move and it was a somewhat diffrent but fun experience.

If the developers of Until Dawn has done a good job it could be a fun but hopefully scary as hell experience :)

InTheLab2910d ago

Maybe if you took away the Move controllers and left the gameplay up to the PS They're essentially the same thing.

Remember those "Enhanced with Eye Toy" stickers on the boxes of games that had EyE Toy functionality from 2004?

Let's be honest here. Move is actually able to cater to hardcore and casual. Kinect is just a fancy microphone for voice commands and a dance machine.

calis2910d ago

Move doesn't cater for the Hardcore until they release a lightsabre\sword fighting game.

It's perfect for it but nothing (except Medieval moves)

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The story is too old to be commented.