NGamer previews Batman Lego - The villains of Gotham brick themselves

Few franchises are as ripe for a Lego once-over as Batman. Unlike his fellow comic book chums, Bruce Wayne is a truly self-made hero.

Born with no Kryptonian spoon in his mouth and avoiding radioactive daddy-long-legs, his strength stems from determination and smarts.

The gazillion bucks inherited from slain Papa Wayne didn't hurt either. No surprise then, that the self-made man and the make-it-yourself brick sensation meld together so well, and no surprise that their Wii debut is shaping up to be a real treat.

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PacoDG4370d ago

I am no Star Wars fan (blasphemy, I know), but I can not wait to get a hold of this Lega Batman game, pictures look awesome, write up makes it sound good, can't wait.