PS Vita: Sony’s Pulling In The Wrong Direction

With its slow start and lacklustre sales can Sony's triple-A PS Vita line up save the console? NowGamer's Editor In Chief doesn't think so.

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3766d ago
MastaMold3766d ago

How cutie still more doom & gloom after Gamescom as Sony delivers more games

Sent from my PS Vita

joeorc3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Playstation Mobile when it officialy launches this fall will have 30! once again that is 30 of these Quick pick up and play type of games that he was claiming Sony does not get this part of the market anymore..god, Sony is selling 7.4 million xperia smartphones per sales quarter, android has the commanding lead for OS's powering smartphones and he's really saying Sony has learned from the PSP with the PSVita?

Like you cannot offer both style's of Game playing on the system or something?

MrBeatdown3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

As do I.

Last I checked, GTA, Peace Walker, God of War, Crisis Core, and plenty of other large-scale games did quite well on PSP. All these years, I've been playing GTA, Syphon Filter, Midnight Club, Burnout, God of War and Metal Gear.

If this guy wants to play Angry Birds, he can. I tried all the Minis I got with my PS+ subscription, and they felt more like time wasters than a way to make the most of my time.

If I need a quick fix and I'm not sitting in front of my TV, I'll take a quick round of team deathmatch or a few minutes crashing through billboards in Most Wanted over some oddball puzzle game or whatever it is that this guy sees as the right fit for handhelds. If I wouldn't even consider playing it on my PS3, why the hell would I want to play it at all? Whether I have three hours to play or 15 minutes, I want to play something good.

And he has completely missed the point of the whole "cross buy" thing. It's not about beating the game on PS3, then playing it all over again on Vita. It's about being able to play through it once no matter where you are.

Outside_ofthe_Box3765d ago

***"If I wouldn't even consider playing it on my PS3, why the hell would I want to play it at all? Whether I have three hours to play or 15 minutes, I want to play something good."***

Exactly, besides using popular franchises I think is the way to go early on in the Vita's life cycle as long as they aren't ports. If R* were to make a full scale GTA spin-off on the Vita I'm pretty sure the author would be singing a different tune.

As you said, it worked well with PSP. If you were to ask people what their favorite PSP game was I'm sure one of the games you mentioned such as Crisis Core would pop up from time to time. Once the Vita has a solid amount of owners new IPs will certainly come.

Gamerpeanuts3765d ago

I like the Vita its a powerhouse amd is handsdown the best handheld. I hope its sales go up, the line up looks god...except for CoD declassified...even thoigh i despise Killzone with all my heart knowing for certain its...NOT A HALO KILLER PEOPLE!! KILLZONE WILL NEVER LIVE UP 2 HALO! JUST PRE-OREDER Halo 4! BOOM! maybe ill even pick up Killzone. I just wished people got Vita rather than a 3DS or wasting money on their stuipid iPhones to support somthing that can change hand-helds forever. But no...Yet i belive Vita wont die...and im gonna suck it up and help sony although i dont use my PS3 i use my xbox, and help them with the Vita....

sent from my Vita :D

wardestroyr3766d ago

I also disagree completely. Just look at the hit-mongering headline - someone is obviously dismayed at the fact that PS Vita is finally getting a bit of love after months of unrelenting, and more importantly, undeserved bashing.

Give the device a break. It's only six months old. I find it absolutely incredible that no matter what Sony does to try and please it's userbase, the same bitter, attention-seeking individuals have to dive out of obscurity and condemn whatever is presented.

The Vita will sell well this holiday season. It probably won't outsell 3DS, but it will easily sell at least 6 million devices worldwide from Sept-Dec 2012. Combine great bundles (Black Ops Declassified), an increased budget for marketing, and positive word-of-mouth with a variety of appealing titles and you have a recipe for success.

TGS 12 will restore faith in PS Vita in Japan. Just look at how the handheld was presented at Gamescom 2012. Sony are on a mission with this device. I would definitely expect Monster Hunter to appear for Vita at TGS, in addition to old favorites such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and new 1st-party Sony titles. Vita has a bright future.

GribbleGrunger3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I've been thinking about the number Sony wants to hit by the end of the fiscal year. 10 million seems a mighty large number, even if sales do increase (and I believe they will).

At the current rate, I'd put the figure nearer 7.5 million... So why are Sony so optimistic? There is one possible answer and the only answer that makes any sense. Sony have said that there is not going to be a price drop, so we can discount that. What we do have an inkling of is the new builds of PS3s that are due out later this year (assuming the rumours and pics were true)

Nintendo have been keen on hiding their pricing for the Wiiu... why would they do that? The industry has eyes we unfortunates are never going to see with, so perhaps they know something we don't.

A price drop is out of the question but how much will the rumoured 16GB PS3 be? If it's priced correctly and bundled with a Vita around Christmas, this could shift quite a hefty amount of both console and Vita and of course it would compete directly with the Wiiu.

When you look at the cross buy and the fact that they're adding cross play via a firmware update, you can see that this is quite the probablity, especially when you know that LBP2 is going to get DLC that allows cross play and cross create.

Don't just disagree for the sake of it. Consider that, I really think it warrants scrutiny

DeadlyFire3765d ago

Only thing I say that would top off Vita would be if I could see PS3/PS4 games on Vita playing PS3/PS4 players at home with same game with say with something like GaiKai.

Or ya know a downloadless GaiKai powered PSN for Vita would be awesome as well.

That is well for the fans of that. Don't know about bandwidth charges and all. That would be my only concern with that.

Fez3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I agree with the article.

I would have no use for Vita. It's too big to fit in my pocket so it's not going to be carried around with me all the time. I too would not be interested playing a game like AC for 20 minutes at a time (which I think portable gaming should be - short burst of fun) - most Vita game seem like they would be best for longer play time.
Also the games and memory cards are too expensive for me.

I have a PS3 which provides a similar but better gaming experience and I've just bought a Sony smartphone so Vita really has no use for me. It's a good bit of hardware but redundant for someone like me who just wants a quick time waster for portable gaming and a deeper experience on console or pc.

Knushwood Butt3765d ago

Each to their own.

I regularly walk past a guy on the way to work who plays Solitaire on his phone while walking.


While walking.

Apparently, he likes it so much he has to play it while walking to work...

Each to their own.

Personally, I'll stick with Metal Gear Solid 2 on my Vita for now. I have to admit, I don't play while walking.

Mounce3765d ago

Well Fez, naturally you should stop wearing such god damn TIGHT PANTS! Thats your problem ;o Too big to fit in your pants? Sheesh, let the women wear the tight-tight ass-pants, Silly Fez...

Aaah, 70's Show.....

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skyward3766d ago

Black Ops Declassified looked lacklustre - more things like Gravity Rush please.

NukaCola3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Blops Declass is a game made by terrible developers and it shows. But they have time to take in the feedback and fix it. A Beta would help to promote it as well. Activision doesnt care about Sony, just their money so who knows how it will turn out.

Killzone Mercenary is looking pretty good. The graphics re pretty and it looks like a good pick up and play style game. Hopefully the Online with rock too. I mean if you need an FPS fix.

The Cross Buy with Vita is pretty awesome. I am excited to take my Allstars on the go and Sound Shapes too. Plus the interaction with Vita with the new Sly Cooper game. (Has that GB with Tingle from the Minish Cap vibe) and they are really trying to make the Vita and PS3(4) one spirit if you will.

We have originals like Tear Away and brain crazed game Smart As. Sony is hitting the hardcore and the casual and the families and the true gamers of the world. They are in fact pulling in the right direction.

Mustang300C20123766d ago

@ NukaCola

How exactly do they have time to fix what we saw of BO: Declassified in just 2 months?

NukaCola3766d ago

Pray it's old footage..I don't know my friend.

shadow27973766d ago


Because it looks like they created it in 3. It likely took much longer, but the entire game is recycled Black Ops assets. Surely they can work on mechanics and polish it up in two months, at least a little.

The Vita is supposedly really easy to program for. Tearaway only took a year with 15 people working on it.

I'm not saying we'll see a drastic change, but there is still hope.

dafegamer3766d ago

another doom gloom article by an obvious nintendo fanboy

majiebeast3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Plenty of good original games coming to vita with Tear away,Soul sacrifice and Dragons crown to name a few. Still hoping for sony to announce LOTD 2 for vita at TGS. Sony should buy out Nippon ichi and make them their flagship psvita game developer.

Protagonist3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

This guy will never get handheld gaming. I said it many times before, handhelds and handheld gaming is a lifestyle. I game on my PSVITA all the time, In such extend that I stopped using my PS3 connected to my 40" Sony Bravia. I do not want "the game world to wash over" me
, I want the games close to me so I can almost feel it and I prefere it on a dedicated amazing piece of handheld gaming device called the PSVITA. I dont play on my PSVITA to kill a few hours...smh. I play on my PSVITA because I freaking love it, but I guess Nick Jones will never get it.

Nick Jones: "Sitting down in front of a TV with a game that’s as epic in scale as an Assassin’s Creed game is a major commitment in time and effort. You want the game world to wash over you, to become absorbed in that particular digital frontier. It’s really hard to replicate the effect of having your vision completely filled with a game world on a 5” screen...Most people play portable games in those moments when they’re trying to kill a few minutes or hours of time: when you’re on the bus, or train, before you nod off to sleep or while you’re guiltily killing time till the weekend starts."

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