Why Uncharted 4 needs PS4

From bleeding-edge facial animation tech to user-generated content, we make eight arguments for Uncharted 4′s appearance on PS4 over our beloved console.

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Double_Oh_Snap2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Better statement. Why I will buy Uncharted 4 no matter what it releases on, be it ps4 or ps3.

HebrewHammer2278d ago

I'm already looking forward to The Last of Us II on PS4 lol.

Good lord, can you imagine that?!

sikbeta2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )


That's nice and all, but

U4 on PS4 = benefits from better HW


U4 on PS3 = pushing to the limit, no room left for improvements, no substantial difference between U3 and U4 like U2 compared to UDF which will be awesome, the jump from Drake's Fortune to Among Thieves is giant

chazjamie2278d ago

the world does not really need another uncharted game. I didnt see anyone crying out for uncharted 3, i certainly do not want to see uncharted for a good couple of years.

piroh2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Uncharted 3 was voted by many sites as the best graphics, best story, best animations, best writing, overall GOTY etc.

people want U4, the only people who don't want U4 to come out are other developers because Uncharted is awards-thief

srcBFMVBMTH2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

AGREED. There's also still a good amount of stories/myths/legends to explore.

Naughty Dog should make the next Uncharted a crossover with Nate going to Greece, finding a shrine to Kratos and discover that he is actually the descendant of the God/ God Slayer! Which would probably explain why everything he touches explodes and also why he can't die. haha.
*The moment Nate sees a statue of Kratos, cue music

(I know, that sounds dumb. It was just a joke. Nate should still visit Greece or Rome IMO though :) lol)

What I would really like to see though is Jak FREAKIN 4 on PS4!!!!!!!!!

TCG_Returns2278d ago

UC4 & KZ4 would be good launch titles for the PS4.And i have a feeling that's what will happen.
Naughty dog team 1 is working on something while team 2 is doing TLOU.

GG has been awfully quiet since KZ3, and that cliffhanger ending..there's more to that story.

Maybe Killzone 4 early in release and UC4 for the holidays with whatever else they have up their sleeves

Double_Oh_Snap2278d ago

Both titles at launch would be nuts. That's how you launch a ps4. I would also love to see a new LBP, and more new ip's of course. As if sony hasn't been making enough already.

piroh2278d ago

GG is busy with Killzone Mercenary

HebrewHammer2278d ago

GG is getting pretty big. Their whole team isn't devoted exclusively to Mercenary. If I were a betting man, I'd say they're working away at a PS4 title simultaneously.

firelogic2278d ago

Honestly I don't want Uncharted 4 as a launch title. I don't want any major franchise at launch because it's a waste. It'd be better if those developers got a game under their belts and released a franchise sequel 2 years in. You know, once they've gotten a better handle on the hardware.

TopDudeMan2278d ago

"Good launch titles?" They'd be phenomenal launch titles! But I think sony are probably gonna want to wait until the PS4 is selling well before doing that, otherwise the sales of those games are gonna take the hit.

A-Glorious-Dawn2278d ago

Guerrilla Games are working on 3 titles.

1 of them has now been revealed to be mercenary..

I hope they have a new IP on their engine.
I have been so interested in their game engine since I played KZ2 and information about it is very hard to come by.

I read in a now lost article that Sony wanted to use the engine GG developed on other games, that for me sounds like a great idea..

Killzone remains the best looking FPS on console in my opinion. Recent candidates like Rage have come close, but I don't think and have done what GG have pulled off. Credit where credit is due..

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A-Glorious-Dawn2278d ago

It's funny how since the success of the uncharted games, suddenly 'linear' became a concern and undesirable trait among some.

I love a great sandbox game, but some have to be linear, and that is in no way negative to me...

HammadTheBeast2278d ago

It is somewhat linear so that the story and amazing backdrops and gameplay can shine. Also, it isnt nearly as linear as CoD which somehow gets away with it.

Wizziokid2278d ago

I think 3 will be the last Uncharted this gen no doubt and I'm ok with that, with The Last of Us coming out they are ending the generation on a high IMO, I can't wait to see where the take the series on the PS4

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