X06: Guitar Hero 2 confirmed for the 360

Well, it's finally confirmed. Harmonix and Red Octane have finally revealed that the sequel to their huge sleeper hit in 2005 will appear on the Xbox 360: Guitar Hero 2.

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kmis875913d ago

We already knew this. Activision has said they are bringing Guitar Hero to "all major platforms" and 360 happens to be a major platform.

Siesser5913d ago

Affirmation's always good. I'm happy for you guys; I have a couple of friends in the opposite camp of the "console wars" who will finally get to play this game at home. I'm glad that songs can be downloaded; I always felt that if any game was destined for microtransactions, this was it.

I still hope that somewhere down the line (although it'd probably kill sales, and be unlikely), they'll release something that allows you to import your own mp3s into the game and create "tabs" for them (guitar players'll know what I'm talking about) that can be saved, or even uploaded to a community site or something. THAT'D be awesome.

BIadestarX5913d ago

I guess 360 gamers can now ROCK HARD!

UrbanJabroni5913d ago

Can anyone think of a way to "fix" the cool/lame system? As far as I can tell, the same idiots vote lame just to make an article look bad.

How in God's name is anything in this news lame, I though? Then I read the posts of the people that voted lame and quicly noticed I was looking at _complete_ PS3 fans with no open mind and an ovious inferiority complex when it comes to the 360.

I mean, who the hell chooses the name "PS3OWNESXBOX360?" and why should his "lame" vote on a 360 news article even be taken into consideration?

Mikey_Gee5913d ago

.... you will always have the pre-pubesent and the adult retards that do it just to be ... well ... fuk-tards.

I am glad this game is coming. This games is a FRIGGEN HOOT with buds and beers.

Siesser5913d ago

Sadly they exist :(. I'm a PS fan first, but try to remain open-minded. I have to admit it sucks when you want to talk about a game and the first five posts are about how horrible it is, and how it's not "worth $600 :\. I spend every day on the PS3 boards hearing how I'm blind, retarded, and "wasting my money." Meh

Anyways, at E3, they'd mentioned that playing online co-op wouldn't work, due to the latency and all (heck, when I tried to hook it up to the 1080p in the basement, it was horrible). But I wonder if there will be some way to, I don't know, play with friends still; if not together, then alternating. I wish online play would work cross-platform :(