411's Games That Need A Sequel II Part 1

411 has published a two parter to a sequel of a column about sequels. Wow. Anyway, what games out there depserately need a re-launch of a sequel? Killer Instinct? Skies of Arcadia? Maybe even the long lost racing franchise that came before Mario Kart? Get in here and find out.

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TheHater4374d ago

Goldensun was one of the best RPG I ever played, period.

BlackIceJoe4374d ago

I would so love to see a new RoadRash and it using the Burnout engine and made by Criterion Games. Then this would be really great news.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4374d ago

1st- Beyond Good And Evil
2nd- Bushito Blade (online)

InMyOpinion4374d ago

Bushido Blade 2 was my favourite. It's one of my all time favourite fighting games. The bamboo forest stage was awesome.

Beren4374d ago

Is awesome i dunno why it was a sleepery :(

bigjclassic4374d ago

Waku Waku 7 (Saturn)
Golden Sun (gba)
Tobal 2 (Psone)
Skies of Arcadia (dc/gcn)
Killer 7 (gcn)
Bushido Blade (Psone)
Battle Arena Toshiden (Psone)
King of Colosseum (Ps2)
Way of Samurai (Ps2)
Psychic Force 2012 (dc)

I can go all day...

lonestarmt4374d ago

they made a golden sun 2! its really good too! a great way to make a sequel and have characters returning! They need to make a golden sun 3!

acetw1n4374d ago

sword of the berserker (dream cast)

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The story is too old to be commented.