New MW3 Maps, Comes With Glitches

Well guys I don't know if you seen this yet or not but the new maps are out and they are filled with glitches. Here is one on vortex where you can easily just walk right out of the map.

I don't mind glitches but it seems to be the same kind of glitches, people find these so fast and IW can't find them after the weeks or months they work on them? Anyway enjoy the glitch while its up and as always share any you find with us.

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MRHARDON3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

If people do these glitches in public match they will be banned.

But Infinity Ward do test these maps, they don't have the time to run to every clip (barrier) in the maps and rub up on them for 10 minutes to see if it fails.

They expect the clip to work and not give way when rubbed up upon for 10 minutes.

ShadowKingx3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

So that does that mean everyone is going to glitch to win. oh wait. they are. ok give it week and they will have it patching just like they always do. the developers are smart here. they say, why should spend all the time looking for glitches. we will just release it. let the players find them , and then patch them. Because they know player can’t keep from posting videos about it. video are up within 24 hours once there up it just makes it easier to find.

So i will just say this, Glitchers have fun while you can, because it won’t be long.

MattyG3815d ago

WHAAAT? a little off topic here, but is that a TORNADO?! That's actually a pretty cool map. Now if IW made the tornado go through the map occasionally, THAT would impress me. I'm easily impressed.

ShadowKingx3815d ago

yeah thats a tornado. really cool effect i think