X06: Assassin's Creed trailer running on 360

Ubisoft released this brand new trailer of Assassin's Creed, and it shows some real game footage!

TheMART6213d ago

"7:37: The demo finds Alteir the master assassin mounting a horse and rides into a town. His target is thought to be in the center of town. Alteir walks through crowded streets, turning sideways to shuggle away from people.
7:38: The next bit of the game to highlight is freedom Alteir shoves people around and pushes them down for no good reason, calling attention to himself from passersby. Alteir jumps up to grab the ledge of a nearby building and starts climbing up the entire thing using architectural details like window ledges. Raymond likens it to free-running, or parkour.
7:39: The demo now shows off the "intuition" view that lets you single out people who need killing. Once the target is sighted we see our boy engage in "social stealth" by blending into a pack of monks so he can get near his target and get his kill on.
7:40: Alteir deparates from the group right behind the target and jams a knife in his neck. Then it's time for the getaway. Raymond likens it to American football, saying the crowd is now a bunch of obstacles and if you run into them too fast you'll fall down. Alteir's escape route is cutoff and it's time for the fight. Raymond mentions that the fighting is realistic just in time to see Alteir cut down by a single blow from behind by an enemy."

Now have we seen Assassins Creed running on a PS3 @ TGS? No we didn't.

Who is the first with a demo on hardware?

360 is. Delivering again. Damn that's nice, real nice!

Marriot VP6213d ago (Edited 6213d ago )

yah it makes the most sense that the PS3 demo was on the 360 after all.

But I still have my doubts.

kmis876213d ago

Why is everything Microsoft vs. Sony for you? The game is coming to both platforms so this trailer is still good news for ps3 fans.

calderra6212d ago

Sony claimed the Assassin's Creed demo was "real-time" and running "real hardware", but since that moment, persistent rumors have existed that the demo was really running on an Xbox 360, contrary to rumors that 360 couldn't even run it.

Now, we have proof 360 could indeed have done it, so now the question is still if it did.

OutpostCommand6213d ago

Voted lame due to this being irrelevant to the PS3.

TheMART6213d ago

Or voted lame because Sony/PS3 got owned... Again?

USMChardcharger6213d ago

why? you can always check out what is on the 360 to see what you might get on your ps3...just start your wishlist, ours is being filled now (and then some)

THE TRUTH6213d ago

It just seems as though your finding anything to make this some sort of console war based on a video of AC? Shouldn't we all be happy as this game HAS been offically confirmed as multiplatform?

comments like "Now have we seen Assassins Creed running on a PS3 @ TGS? No we didn't.

Who is the first with a demo on hardware?"

Are meaningless and will just make for more flamebait.........

As far as the video itself I can say that it just looks stunning and I hope we don't see any delays on this game I want it ASAP

Grown Folks Talk6213d ago

it's set for march as of right now. hopefully no delay since my birthday is march 20th. maybe they'll suprise with co-op.

DC RID3R6213d ago

i hear what your saying bro, but as your name suggests, surely you can openly agree that it must seem quite fu**in weird as to how a game which sony arrogantly portraied (@e3) as an ps3 exclusive title (lie,lies,and more lies)but up until then, NO ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE, has managed to swing it's worldwide premiere footage on the ps3's NO.1 rival????

Game over dude, GAME FU**KIN OVER!!!!!

HALO3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

!!!!!!!!!UN-FU**KIN-BELIEV-AB LE!!!!!!!!!!

ms is takin videogaming to a whole new REALM!!!!