The Legend of Zelda: Then and Now

The Legend of Zelda, like the rest of the video game industry, has evolved in an unfathomable number of ways. New standards in visuals, presentation and gameplay are constantly being set as the years pass. Zelda has done its best to stay on top of the competition, and there are places where the Zelda franchise has refused to develop and also places where the franchise excels.

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trenken3112278d ago

Huh? Zelda is the shining example of a series gone completely stale. They come out with OoT, which is how old now, and since then they've released WW, which did have a different art style, then TP and SS which I found to be completely dull.

The series is in need of a serious overhaul and needs something very different. They cant just bang out another OoT clone on the Wii U. Like OoT, they need that reinvention again. Unfortunately Miyamoto is not working on Zelda or Mario games personally anymore, so both franchises are completely stagnant just banging out safe sequels.

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nerdkiller2277d ago

i love zelda on 64 thats what got me back into gaming and wind waker was pretty go but wii zeldas not even worth playing threw twice