Planetside 2 is Going to Blow My Mind (And Yours Too)

Planetside 2 is one of the gaming industry's most anticipated titles. JK Thomas expresses his own excitement here with some stories of his time spent with the first game and why its sequel's release is eagerly awaited.

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TheLiterateNoob2253d ago

Cannot wait for this title. Gonna be amaaaaaaazing.

Zha1tan2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

PC Master Race!

Wizziokid2252d ago

Never played the first one but since this will have no monthly fee I'll defiantly check it out

Pentex2252d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll appreciate if you'd rather check it out without the rebellious/insolent attitude, dude.

retrofly2252d ago

PS2 still needs work, there's a lot not quite right in the beta, but hey that's what beta's are for.

urwifeminder2251d ago

They should charge 10 bux for the first month then when its free to play give some free packs to the people who payed ,could be a big game for sony but will hats give the return? will be playing for sure.