Capcom and its lose-lose DmC conundrum

Resident Evil 6 is the major Q4 game, but Capcom is hard at work on two other returning hit brands – Lost Planet 3 and Devil May Cry ­– both of which are heading in different directions.

The latter game is being developed in the UK by Cambridge-based studio Ninja Theory and will launch in January. The title acts as a reboot for the franchise, and although the media is optimistic, hardcore fans have been less pleased about the new direction.

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DragonKnight2280d ago

Capcom, if you're reading this, then pay attention and stop being idiots.

Things you can change: Stories can be changed as long as the story isn't a series long story. Final Fantasy is a great example of this. No one complains about FF games changing a story because each new game is a new story. But you can't, say, make 3 games with the same story and then have a whole new story in the 4th unless you finish off the story beforehand.

Gameplay: Same rules apply for gameplay as story. You can change up the gameplay as long as you haven't made a specific type of gameplay crucial to the series and then all of a sudden change it up. If you want to do that and gauge fan reaction, create a spinoff. Fans usually don't mind a well-done spinoff.

Music: Changing up the music is actually expected. Remixes are also welcome.

Overall presentation/artstyle: Another thing that is expected. Don't want games to constantly look the same. I'm talking to you CoD.

Things you don't change: ICONIC CHARACTERS! You don't build up a series around one person and then COMPLETELY change them. There is a reason they are called iconic. Iconic means they define the series. Their look, their attitude, the way they play. They ARE the series. Changing iconic characters should NEVER happen. EVER! The only changes that should be made to iconic characters are things like age, outfits (if they're good ones, meaning they aren't in contrast to the character's personality), and maybe mannerisms that might change with experience. Other than that, if you want us to buy your series about a certain character and we grow to love it, DON'T FRICKIN' CHANGE IT!

Anything that is iconic of the series. Unless you are removing it because it causes problems with another aspect of the game, don't make us come to expect something of a series and then do a complete 180.

There are things you should change, and things you should never touch. Don't believe me? Talk to Miyamoto about Mario's look.

PopRocks3592280d ago

Just throwin' this out there. If Sonic had black hair instead of blue in his next game, the fans would throw a shitfit.

Now with that said, hair color is the least of my worries. They've effectively changed this character into someone that just really doesn't seem like Dante to me. Based off of every trailer, every piece of game footage, I just don't like what I see. And that goes for nearly every aspect of this game, not just the characters but the story and gameplay as well.

Now people can call me out and say what they want about that, but it's just my opinion. There are too many games that are coming out that I actually am interested in for me to waste money on something I'm pretty certain I'm going to hate. At least not until I can get it used for less than $10, or perhaps just borrow it from a friend.

Finally, I really liked reading your post. But I wouldn't bet on Capcom actually listening to their fans for at least a handful of years. Capcom's more of a business entity than an entertainment entity these days.

Tuxedo_Mask2280d ago

If Sonic had black hair instead of blue, he'd be Shadow.

BkaY2280d ago

i might give it a go if capcom give players an option to select Real dante or emo dante...

still i might... and it is coming from a die hard DMC fan..


hay2280d ago

You know it, gamers know it, but this is Capcom. And Capcom isn't run by gamers, by passionates of this interactive art, or by fans.
People behind those decisions are usually grumpy and uber serious corporate suits thinking about monetisation of rights and properties.

They do not hold a meeting starting: "We've made 4 great games, we have iconic characters and significant fanbase, what can we do to make fifth DMC even better? You know, saying thank you to long standing fans and introduce the series to new audience at the same time."

It's more in the vein of: "we have x unsused properties at the moment and a plan to increase yearly revenue by x%. what can we do to monetise them?"

Therefore product will be designed with completely new set of parameters and target demography.

Mocat2273d ago

Maybe Hideki Kamiya holds the rights to the original Dante, And he couldn't make the game because he is,was working on another game and Capcom didn't want to wait.

Just a thought

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Parappa2280d ago

The gameplay is good at that's what counts.

PopRocks3592280d ago

Honest question; what about those who don't think the gameplay looks all that impressive?

user54670072280d ago


Its about if it stays true to what DMC is about, if your just going off gameplay then your just making it seem like a new IP.

The fact it only has gameplay at 30fps has already given it a crap start

blind-reaper2280d ago

Gameplay is important but it is not the only thing that counts, not when you are a fan of the series.

Omnislash2280d ago

Okay imagine this. Parappa now wears a cowboy hat is green and has a beard and is fat. His voice actor is the Allstate guy and he shouts profanities at every chance.

Gameplay is still the same. Is he still parappa?

Parappa2280d ago

If they call him Parappa then he's still Parappa. Again, if the gameplay is the same then I don't care anyway. Looks at Infamous 2 for example. It didn't look like Cole from Infamous 1 and they gave him tattoos and such to make him look edgy to casuals (like Activision did with Crash Bandicoot). It's still Cole (even though they didn't explain his sudden appearance & voice change in the lore) and it still played pretty much the same.

fei-hung2280d ago

2 things you both don't realise:

1) cole had a reason for change, he evolved. The story progressed. You can tell its cole, it felt like cole playing him and his behaviour and personality was cole. He was cole through and through.

Dante doesn't look like Dante, his past is not the same, his present is not the same, his voice is not the same, his behaviour and personality are not the same. There is nothing Dante about Dante in anyway shape or form other than the name Dante.

2) how can the game play the same when the framer ate needed to match the gameplay is not there? You need 60fps to pull of timed moves and combos and everyone who has played the original DMC series knows this. There is no more locking on. That function which was a big part of the combat mechanics is now gone. From the gameplay videos, it's slower and seems to play like most NT games - slow, sluggish button mashing hack and slash. Anyone who has played Enslaved and HS knows how crap it is compared to other hack n slash games like GoW, Castkevania, Bayonetta and 6 year old DMC3.

So if the character is nothing like the character and if he don't look, behave or play like him; and if the entire universe around him and history of its origins is not the same and the core gameplay mechanics are not there, there is no way that you will convince me it is the same person or game.

Lord_Sloth2280d ago

Metroid Gameplay is good but that doesn't mean I want it in my Zelda.

rezzah2280d ago

Story is what counts for me.

Still too much untold and seemingly left behind forever.

I hope this is the last of a reboot.

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user54670072280d ago

Media to me

I think the problem is when reviewing it journalists wony review it as a DMC game and act like its a new IP. The need to review it as a DMC game, not just how well it holds on its own.

Moby-Royale2280d ago

Lol really?


Read what you typed and see if it truly makes any sense to you.


Kratoscar20082280d ago

Liked DMC and Loved Heavenly sword, its win win for me and thats all that matters.

New Dante sucks still but i wasnt a big fan of the original dante too.

met3212280d ago

this makes me as sick as Metal Gear Rising does just another game that should never happen

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