Gamescom 2012 Sony Wrap-Up

Sony has had a pretty impressive show at this year’s Gamescom. New titles were announced, services were expanded, and the beleaguered Playstation Vita received a much needed shot in the arm. With the wealth of new ideas on display, Sony looks to have plenty of steam this late in the game, even as we head towards a new console generation.

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Protagonist2255d ago

It was a pretty impressive PSVITA show indeed, also looking forward to "Rain", Ni No Kuni <<--- WOW I´m so getting that game and what a surpries Okami HD I´m also getting that one.

chrisarsenalsavart2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

playstation is the only platform holder who dares to try new and original IPs 6years after launch. They ve been true to their word when they said ps3 will be a marathon, not a sprint.
Last guardian, lastofus, v13, beyond2souls, gow4, unfinished swan, puppeteer, rain, ni no kuni, wonderbook are just a few games that i believe will make ps3 a much more compelling offering for late buyers.
And vita seems to carry on that 17years old successful tradition.
The finishing line is what matter