Sony shows renewed focus on Vita at Gamescom

ARS - Given that the PlayStation Vita had just come out roughly three months before, it was a bit surprising how little Sony talked about its new portable at its E3 press conference in June, and how few exciting new games for the system were displayed at the show. Sony seemed determined to rectify that at Germany's massive Gamescom conference this week, using a press conference at the show as a chance to announce a number of new titles and initiatives focused on the Vita.

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Protagonist2280d ago

PlayStation Mobile service, PlayStation Plus, Killzone, cross buy/play and Tearaway are definitely some of the hit factors for the PSVITA. Great Show by Sony Playsyation.

remanutd552280d ago

who the heck disagrees with your comment? i think your comment was pretty spot on, i love the fact that 2 of sonys ELITE studios are leading the way of AAA next wave vita titles, i love that, i can help but to think that Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica should get on board and make some original games on the little system as well, Playstation Mobile sounds good, Playstation Plus sounds really good.

I think sony did very good with the vita's showing at gamescon, the only thing i would have closed the show with a Soul Sacrifice video instead of Call of Duty but Call of Duty sells more so...

Protagonist2280d ago

Guess people see it as "fanboyism" to say Sony had a good show and you are right they should have closed it with Soul Sacrifice