The Genezap: At the Hands of Cruelty and Suffering

Transmogrifying difficulty into physical agony, Camine writes about the world's most shocking gaming peripheral (did that hurt?):

As an aside in last week's article, I noted that some video games just can't go mainstream. My demonstration for that was a screenshot from The Binding of Isaac, which is famous for its difficulty. Imagine it without its difficulty, for a moment. Don't change anything in your mental picture except for the frequency at which player failure occurs. What you should have left is still a game where monsters pelt a little naked boy with bodily fluids while he tries to flee from his knife-wielding mother. Most people - and I feel really comfortable using the word "most" in this case - aren't going to want to play that kind of game no matter how easy you make it or how squeezably adorable some of those monsters are. It doesn't feel like a horror game to me - it's just too cute - but it would be horrifying to some people.

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