Editorial: Why The Sega Saturn Is Not The Worst Console Ever

Yesterday, an article titled 'Why the Saturn Was the Worst Console of All Time' appeared on N4G. This is Gaming Today's response to that claim.

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Chippathingy4372d ago

....was the bloody Atari Jaguar! Complete waste of money and I only had 3 games for it. And they were the best of like a dozen that came out.

I had 1000 times for fun when I had the Panisonic 3DO. Too bad that console bit the dust too. It was a very decent console, but cost me an arm and a leg back in the day....$600 I believe.

Eclipticus4372d ago

haha the minute i saw this i thought of the jaguar too
it had one GREAT game. and that was AVP.

Chippathingy4372d ago

Yup! That was the best game that I had on it. Alien vs. Predator. Tempest was good too, but got old real quick. Man, I can't help but shake my head when I think back on it. Just horrible!

Biphter4372d ago

Was the best game on Jaguar, infact, its one of the best games ever made IMO. AvP was good too, as was Doom, but the rest were tripe. The Jag itself was a great piece of hardware, just a shame it got into the hands of Atari (They bought the tech from Flair design who were developing it, Atari's own machine, the 32bit Panther, was scrapped in favour of the Jag hardware).

jackdoe4372d ago

How could the Saturn ever be the worst console ever when the 3DO exists? Huh?


I still play my Sega Saturn, I got a bunch of import games like Capcom vs Street Fighter. I played it more than my Game cube.

darthv724372d ago

Add the original xbox, 360, wii, CD32, gamecube and both panasonic 3DO's (FZ1 & FZ10) and that pic would be my collection.

I have every one of those systems pictured.

Oh and add in the turbo express, psp and both DS versions. Now it would be my collection.

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