DmC 'Devil May Cry' Box Art Confirmed, Pre-Order Bonus From Amazon Revealed

Capcom has revealed the final box art that we can expect for DmC 'Devil May Cry' when it launches for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 15th, 2013.

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Snookies122254d ago

Ew... Lol, unless the pre-order bonus is a palette swap to the "original" Dante... No thanks. They totally ruined Dante's backstory too, half angel my ass.

user54670072254d ago

Even if there was a alt skin all it would be sadly is the same character model with the same coat but in red and white hair. The same will proberly be done for Playstation All Stars like his Lv 3, they won't actually put old Dante in...

MiloGarret2254d ago

He's actually wearing a red coat on the box art, only it's inside out.

ThanatosDMC2254d ago

What's really annoying is they released the HD remake then just poops all over an established franchise.

Kevin ButIer2253d ago

This guys are sooo bullheaded... this game feels so generic

showtimefolks2254d ago

yall are crazy man get over the fact they changed his look, dante is known for his combat and as long as its there who the heck cares. Also NT didn't want to change the look, they actually brought capcom a different look which was identical to old dante but capcom said its a reboot we want a different model

but seriously people are still sour about his look get over it or how about this don't buy the game

gamers complain about every little thing

Snookies122254d ago

Yes, Capcom agreed to the look. Capcom sucks just as bad as NT. They ruined one of the few games I actually like by them these days. I consider DMC4 to be the last. I'd rather see the series die out than go this route. Also, I'm not as mad about the look as I am about the change in his backstory. Dante was never, and will never be "half angel".

-Omega2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

You can't call people crazy because after months and months of going through the same arguments you still think it's about the looks. Take a look around the internet friend, it's not just about the looks. Gamers have solid reasons to why they find the new DmC a horrible mess. Read into it.

You want to know why gamers today get walked all over on by developers, because anytime someone voices their opinion people like you say they are complainers, crybabies or whiners. How are peole supposed to get what they want if they are hated on for voicing their opinion. I;d understand if the game was perfect up to Uncharted 2s standards where the developers couldn't get anything else more perfect but it isn't sadly.

Let people have their opinions, I'm sure there was a blog made on this situation going on here

cee7732254d ago

its not just looks the combat system has changed, the fps was lowered 60fps to 30fps

this is not devil may cry its something completly different

VileAndVicious2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )


Out of the 4 DMC games only 2 of them actually ran at 60FPS. The other 2 only ran at I hate to inform you, but the game running at 60FPS isnt what made it "devil may cry" as you say.

DragonKnight2254d ago

@VileAndVicious: There's a difference between not running at 60FPS because the game can't and not running at 60FPS because the developers don't want it to and are using an old and overused middleware engine because it makes their life easier. Of 4 games, half of the games run at 60FPS thanks to improvements. Why should we not want those improvements to progress? Why should DmC's regression be dismissed?

VileAndVicious2254d ago


I agree with you. I just wanted to point out that not all the DMC games ran at 60PFS But they were still very fun to play. I still think DMC was the best followed by DMC3, and while technical advances can certainly add to gameplay they dont necessarily determine the outcome of an experience.

ZombieKiller2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

"gamers complain about every little thing "
Yeah including complaining about other gamers, like you are doing. I don't know about you, but I have been a longtime fan of this series for what it is. Nothing else. I got the demo in a rental of Code Veronica for the original DMC. I didn't even PLAY Code Veronica, just the DMC demo. This was YEARS ago. Since then, I played every game (including DMC2) and loved every second. There is alot of appeal with the DMC series for me INCLUDING it's Anime roots. So when they changed the series roots and style to gain sales and a bigger audience, I felt (along with many other gamers I'm sure) like they were saying, "You nerds aren't cool enough, I'm gonna go hang with the popular kids now"
That, to me, is what Capcom is saying. Just because YOU don't feel that way, doesn't necessarily mean that's what everyone thinks as well. Live and let live.
DMC to me is 60FPS FIRST OF ALL, Anime roots, white haired Dante, fast FURIOUS over the top action, and made by Capcom. Not NT. I would even take Platinum Games as they offered to help. This new DmC is is NONE of those things.
To top it off, gamers are the customers, the ones PAYING for the game, why WOULDN'T we cry?! Have you ever been in Customer Service before? No, thats probably because you're too young to work, yet alone judge a game that the big boys like. Wrong topic.

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Mike_Tha_Hero2254d ago

Why do Capcom fans get so pissy at every game they publish?

I think it's time to stop calling yourself a fan and stop buying their games. Clearly nothing they do can be good enough.

Snookies122254d ago

I'm absolutely NOT a fan of Capcom. At least not this generation. I "used" to be a fan of them, but these days they've just proven themselves to be completely money hungry and obviously don't give a crap about their fans in any way shape or form. If people don't see that by now I feel sorry for them, I really do.

Mike_Tha_Hero2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Help me understand then, if you don't mind.

If you don't like this version of DMC, why not just let it be? You guys seem to have such conflicted feelings that you spread your negativity across every article, story, and comment section.

It's tiring to read, honestly. Just give it a rest already. You either like something or you don't.

Clearly if Capcom doesn't give 2 shits about fans like you claim then they won't change for you. Especially since you seem to be offering no constructive criticism, just petty whining about Dante's clothes and hair.

VileAndVicious2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )


Thats because apparently its more fun to complain and be negative about things than to go on about their business and actually find a game that they do like.

I have been asking for the longest time if you dont like the new DMC then why not just ignore it? Its seriously as if they enjoy complaining about the game. Almost as if if they scream loud enough Capcom will apologize and just cancel this.

But I do think the box art work is pretty ugly.

Dark_king2254d ago

Read above his reason is them changing the back story an that is a valid reason.An why should he let it be he was a fan of the game he has the right to say what he wants as many times as he wants.An the change of looks is also a valid reason for people to speak their mind.

Snookies122254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

@Mike_Tha_Hero - As Dark_King said, I absolutely offered a reason as to why this entry insults me as a long time fan of the series. Changing the backstory and the character makes it a completely different game. I'd have been fine if they'd just called this something other than DMC.

Make a new game, don't ruin a series that people love. That's all I'm saying. You think Halo fans would be quiet if Master Chief suddenly had no Spartan suit on in the new game, and had his story changed? Absolutely not.

Don't get me wrong, the gameplay itself looks pretty decent from what I've seen. I just have a problem with NT doing this DESPITE fans' "clearly" reasonable disappointment with the direction the game is taking.

I'm not trying to attack you personally or anything. I totally respect your opinion, despite you saying that I'm just whining without constructive criticism. However Capcom absolutely does NOT care about fans, that's clearly evident by them constantly putting out overpriced DLC, disc-locked content, 4 versions of each of their fighting games, etc. You simply cannot tell me that's not just being greedy.

1Victor2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

ok mike tha hero since you don't get it lets put it this way what if for halo 5 they say MC powers was because he's half alien and they put a guy that looks like a Chinese body builder with a motor cross suit wouldn't any master chief fan be mad.Even better a Mexican looking Mario with a Greek body and a slim Cratos with long hair and high pitch voice.
No offence to any Mario, Cratosor Master Chief fans just a example for a kid that just started gaming this generation.

ConstipatedGorilla2254d ago

It's true that Capcom has fallen quite a ways. No longer about unlocking items through game play, now you buy DLC.

Plus, where the hell is Mega Man for god's sakes?!

ThanatosDMC2254d ago

But capcom games are fun till they crap all over the franchise.

ZombieKiller2254d ago

Because they WERE good Mike. They attracted us with their games so we come to expect that sort of behavior from them. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Yet they keep throwing the monkey wrench in there because they want to attract "The Call Of Duty crowd"
RE6 anyone?

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phigz182254d ago

Ruined his backstory? This is a reboot. A re-imagining. A different take. New Dante can be whatever because he's not the same guy. These two Dantes are related in name only. That's it. I don't see how people don't understand that by now.

DragonKnight2254d ago

First, to the people saying "if you don't like it ignore it" you're missing the point. We loved the Devil May Cry franchise, we don't love DmC. We don't want MORE DmC. If we say nothing, Capcom will think this game is universally praised and will continue on with this crap. If it doesn't sell and we said nothing that can give them reasons why it didn't sell, they'll end the franchise thinking there's no more interest in it at all. That's why we voice our opinions.

To phigz18: Your argument is flawed because Capcom are trying to cash-in on the Devil May Cry franchise name and its protagonist. They thought the fanbase would just flock to it because of the name, and they thought the new style would bring in new fans. Therefore by linking the two through the franchise name and protagonist, it is right to say they ruined Dante's backstory. They only started calling it a re-imagination because people were pissed off. Half-Angel Half-Demon is something straight out of Darksiders and I don't remember Dante being a Nephilim do you?

thaking1552254d ago


And that is why they should have made it a different game and if anything let the Devil May Cry legend die with Devil May Cry 4. Because this is the only gaming franchise that didn't need a reboot just a sequel. Prequel this prequel that it gets old. You actually got something that can unfold with Dante and Nero and Virgil and a remnant of Mundus or something.

But Dante being Half Angel and Half Demon makes the story seem very stale. What made him likeable was the fact that he was half human and he had feelings and cared. He obviously does exhibits feelings in the new game but it begs to ask, why even change the origin of his heritage at all? Especially since Angels never have really been involved with Devil May Cry outside of a mention in the manga and possessed empty armor in Devil May Cry 4.

Awesome_Gamer2254d ago

Where is Dante? That's not dante..

SnotyTheRocket2254d ago

Don't give the game a chance....

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trickman8882254d ago

Not a bad box art. Too bad the game is going to suck.

torchic2254d ago

I don't know man, I kinda like the box art. and the game looks pretty decent. I'll check it out when it hits the €40 mark

Kurt Russell2254d ago

Ahh the infamous "Blue and Orange" colour scheme on another box art.

2254d ago
Sevir2254d ago

It really looks splendid, cant wait to see it! I'm sure it'll look even better when it goes gold! :-)

DevilishSix2254d ago

Me to, I think when we see better than expected scores then alot of the complainers wil get the game and back track saying they were never part of the ones hating.

PopRocks3592254d ago

Anyone who listens to reviewers is a lost sheep.

I've never once listened to what reviewers have said and I'm happier gamer for it. For example, I actually enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever and I think Killer7 is a masterpiece.

Reviewers can eat it.