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theBitFix writes: It’s that time of year again. As we head through summer and into fall we all know it’s nearly time for football, and with football comes the next iteration of Madden.

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VitaOwner2280d ago

The demo was laggy at some points, but never during when the ball was in play for me. It was always when selecting plays or a menu screen that the hiccups occured. Hopefully the lag was due to a problem with the demo and not the retail game but we shall see.

CWVita032280d ago

I liked the demo, I never bought a Madden game for PSP because they all sucked. I'm the full game will be ready for action on the 28th. i will surely be picking up a copy.

teedogg802280d ago

I liked the demo also. It will definitely be the best portable football game ever.

swansong2280d ago

I compared it graphically to my madden 11 on my psp and wow what a difference in graphics. Madden on the vita is well above and beyond the psp versions. I am excited to get the full version now.