G4 - Dead Space 3 Hands-on Preview -- The Right Tool for the Fright Job

G4: "Slaughtering hordes of Necromorphs gets a whole lot more personal in Dead Space 3, thanks to the new weapon creation system. Visceral Games let us flex our gun-making creativity at Gamescom 2012, so read on to find out all about our one of a kind death dealers."

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Omar912280d ago

sadly I have no interest in this game because of how much they changed the scare formula.

Knight_Crawler2280d ago

U will probaby get disagrees for saying that but why sugar coat the truth.

BaconBits2280d ago

I thought they went back to the first game formula(?) It was much scarier THINKING something was coming. The second one was less scary because there was always something around the corner so you started to expect it.

Treian2280d ago

at least they didn't pull the crap Capcom did with RE

BaconBits2280d ago

I am all for a new Dead Space. After growing tired of RE games and SilentHill, I have really enjoyed DeadSpace. I don't think the work bench needed this but who knows. I don't like the suit much. I think the last ones looked cooler but I am sure it will change before release.