Counterpoint: EA, guns, real-life and our community

Nicholas Simonovski writes: "Over the last 24 hours Electronic Arts have come under criticism… again. Now I say this not as some way to make fun of the publishing giant and insinuate that they are somehow the ‘devil’ in the gaming industry, but more-so to highlight just how trivial things seem to be getting. Let me explain: over the past few years, I’ve come to notice that EA are treated somewhat like a punching bag; the one company that everyone seems to want to take a hit at, whether it be journalists, bloggers or just the members of the gaming community at large. Whether it’s how one of their studios have decided to end their own game or their decisions on how to release DLC, nothing seems to please the folks out there… and it appears they’ve managed to outdo themselves yet again! Below, using a recent article posted by GameSpot Australia as an example, I take a look at the latest fiasco surrounding EA and suggest why it’s all becoming a little ridiculous and childish."

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