GamesCom 2012 fact sheet revealed more details for PS3 exclusive, Puppeteer

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed the official fact sheet for their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, Puppeteer, for the GamesCom 2012 event.

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gaffyh2306d ago

When I first saw the trailer for this game, I immediately thought that it looked like a PlayStation Move game, but a really good one. So I'm quite surprised that that isn't in the fact sheet at all. Surely a game called Puppeteer would work really well with the Move controller?

GribbleGrunger2306d ago

Why? You're just being lead astray by the title.

Relientk772306d ago

Ok so all of that on the fact sheet

count me in

majiebeast2306d ago

Im glad sce japan finaly got a kick in the ass.

GribbleGrunger2306d ago

I'm glad they didn't; otherwise we would have gotten quality generic games instead of these unique games. These ideas take time to evolve you know. You can't just throw a game together, add in a well know franchise, stick it on rails and hope for the best... oh wait

xursz2306d ago

I can't think of a better Japanese studio than SCEJ. Some of my favorite games are by these guys. ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Ape Escape series, Loco Roco, Patapon, Demon's Souls, and most recently Gravity Rush. As of now they're working on promising titles like Rain, Puppeteer, Soul Sacrifice, and of course The Last Guardinlan.

A criminally underrated studio IMO.

beerkeg2306d ago

At least Sony have some games for 2013.

GribbleGrunger2306d ago

I think you'll find they had and have some this year too. Try harder

smashcrashbash2306d ago

Yeah, because they didn't have any before /s.

Hicken2306d ago

Assuming the world doesn't end prior to its release, I'll be picking this one up.

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