IGN - Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer: Stay Alive, Get Home

IGN - When your life matters in multiplayer, you play shooters more carefully. Counter-Strike and SOCOM scare players into using useful tactics by taking away respawns, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter is one of too-few adversarial games to borrow the idea. The new Home Run multiplayer mode takes away second chances, making for quick and quiet Capture the Flag matches that start tense and inevitably explode. Only the sneaky, patient, and careful will make it out alive.

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ilikestuff2258d ago

love socom, happy to hear this. i like when smart people can do good by using their brains. now i must learn how to be smart before this game comes out

one2thr2258d ago

Oh yeah I'm on this, day one... Just need a strong team for PC and PS3


Day one buy for me can't wait,glad that I'm done with call of duty!!! Moh_Bf3