Why We Should Embrace Download-Only

Digital distribution is the future, and the future is good.

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decrypt2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Download only (or mostly can work for the PC), however it would be a disaster for consoles.

Alot of people dont understand this. The reason why it would be a disaster on console is because MS and Sony would form a monopoly for their respective system. Want an Xbox game can only get it from XBL, want a Playstation game can get it only from SEN. Thing is each of these networks would have no reason to drop prices.

On PC things are a lot different. You have Steam, D2D, Gog, Gamers gate, Origin, GFWL etc all competing at the same time for the PC market. If i want to buy ABC game if i find it cheaper on D2D, ill probably skip buying it on Steam vice versa. Hence this promotes a healthy competitive behavior.

With console it will be a restricted network only sellers will be MS and Sony for each of their respective networks. Meaning if they have an internal agreement not to drop prices, no one can do anything about it. Now console gamers might disagree here, however its already a fact that DD games are cheaper on PC vs console and this is purely due to many networks competing.

Hence i would think the existance of a retail sector on console would be a good thing as it would promote price competition. Leave it to MS and Sony they will with DD only and they will screw up console gamers worse than they already do.


Which is why GFWL or Origin arent successful at all, as long as they keep their greedy policies the other networks will keep them at bay. However imagine if we only had Origin or only had GFWL. Thats the situation consoles are in.

Godmars2902258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

You're right but at the same time things like GFWL and Origin are in fact trying to monopolize the PC download market.

Mind you they're being so obvious about it they're ruining themselves, but still.

At the same time download-only for consoles will only lead to lower quality titles because - somehow - console makers and game publishers have gotten it into their heads that they don't have to try as hard, just make it look pretty.

Ducky2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Don't see how Origin or GFWL are all that bad when Valve is worse in terms of trying to monopolize the market.

GFWL just blows because it's so outdated and broken, but Origin ain't that bad.

As for consoles, I don't mind downloading primarily multiplayer games. (Like KZ3's MP). It's cheap, saves me the trouble of loading in the disc, and the thing inherently needs online anyways so all's good.

da_2pacalypse2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


Valve doesn't try to monopolize the market... They just do. Their customer service is phenomenal and they have the best sales in the gaming industry. They're not "trying" to monopolize, they already have...

It's not like they came and took the PC space from a different company, NO! The PC space was basically dead before Steam became successful, and now GFWL and Origin are making a pathetic attempt at duplicating steam's success with service which is not comparable. If it were not for Steam, the PC market would be dead! They not only have the support of customers but they also have support from so many indie developers that were basically not wanted on Microsoft's platform (just ask Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes).

I look at the PC market and think: Damn valve is doing a good job with Steam, but then again, when you compare a company to EA and Microsoft, it's not hard to look bad.

LeoDDestroyer2258d ago


I have to disagree about their customer service being phenomenal. My uncle hasn't been able to get his account working for about 6 months. There is no way to contact them directly or talk to someone. At least have a chat option.

bestgamer2258d ago

The purpose of the article is to offer a response to all of these concerns you just posted. It's all in there.

Xbox Live isn't a monopoly. All of the console guys compete in the same space. If SEN had better prices, it would drive PS3/4 adoption ahead of Xbox.

If physical retail didn't exist and digital download was the primary revenue stream, they would need to price games attractively through that, or risk losing the install base. They can't say we are going download only now, but we will have download prices you won't like.

The main reason download prices are high on console versus PC is because they want parity with the physical retail RRP to please the stores like Gamestop who stock those games. On Xbox they even hold the digital version off for 6 months to avoid displeasing the retailers. It is the mixed market problem, they haven't gone into digital dl full force yet in a way that would kill physical retail, because for now that is still good for them, but one day they will complete the transition.

snake-OO2258d ago

you forgot one thing, on sen the prices are set by the publishers, not sen. and each publisher are in competition with each other at all times. And if you ever noticed, they are always sales on SEN, and permanent price drops.

Mike_Tha_Hero2258d ago

....uhm it's been like this for years. Nintendo does it with all of their exclusives without fail.

Redgehammer2258d ago

I am a VALVe videogame fanboy, but Steam, I am not a fan of at all. However, I want VALVe to be successful, but I am sticking with XBL for my gaming pleasure. Speaking of, I must return to Dust: an Elysian Tale, it is a fantastic experience, IMO of course.

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KingItachi2258d ago

There is no reason for me to support all digital on console it's physical or bust.

CaptCalvin2258d ago

No. Can't speak for any other products as I only have a Vita and a PSP to use PSN's services, but even after they've adopted a fluid pricing model for games after the failure of the PSP Go, they STILL can't seem to price their games competitively compared with the retail market.

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