Top 5 Video Game Quotes That Made You Laugh

"Many video games are memorable for their stunning graphics, superb storyline or interesting characters. Then you have those rare games that are memorable because of their insanely funny quotes. Let's take a look at some of the top 5 video games that made you laugh." -Amanda Dyar

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Erimgard2255d ago

If you didn't know, the "You don't get your pudding if you don't eat your meat!" is from a Pink Floyd song.

B-Zero2255d ago

If you didn't know, the quote comes from every parent ever.

Relientk772255d ago

Basically anything from Oregon Trail

SilentNegotiator2254d ago

Grandfather clock. Ford the river. Impeachment.

It's a barrel of laughs, that game is.

Relientk772254d ago

I love playing it, even if its just for kicks and screwing with the party. 6 feet of water FORD it.

I lost 6 sets of clothing, 20 boxes of bullets, 6 oxen died, 1000 pounds of food, 2 wagon axels, 1 wagon wheel, 2 party members died

^yea seems about right haha

ATi_Elite2254d ago

Oregon Trail was my first taste of PC Gaming!

Such an Epic Game! "Time to go Huntin....what Stupid Wagon wheel broke again"!

Relientk772254d ago

I dont think it was my first? but it was one of them definitely, one of the first pc games Ive played