GamesCom 2012: New Dead or Alive 5 shots show alternate costumes and more

Tecmo Koei Games have revealed another new set of off-screen shots for their upcoming multiplatform title, Dead or Alive 5, for this year’s GamesCom currently being held in Cologne, Germany.

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CrescentFang2255d ago

Um, I can't seem to find the images, any help?

Lord_Sloth2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

This article doesn't get reported and told to fix itself when it doesn't even have the right link, but other other articles get reported because people don't like what's said. Amazing website we have here.

CrescentFang2255d ago

Click on SpaceSquirrel's name and it seems this person usually uses the examiner as the new he/she submits.
Looked up Dead or Alive 5 and I found it. Enjoy :)

Here's directly to the "full slideshow"

and here's the article: