First Need for Speed Most Wanted Vita and mobile screenshots are awe-inspiring

VVV: "Until now, the Vita version has only been mentioned in passing without any concrete details. But now, Criterion's aims are abundandly clear: they want Need for Speed Most Wanted to be near-identical to its console cousins in every way possible."

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mafiahajeri2280d ago

No way it Looks that good O_O looks amazing! Sad I cant say same about COD...

ooquis2280d ago

I agree. Looking at cod_vita i wish the'd rather made the console port.

r212280d ago

True that. Why is it that most vita games like Tearaway, NFS MW Vita, Killzone Mercenary look great while BODeclas looks just plain bad :L

chrisarsenalsavart2280d ago

from the early days of ps2, criterion always managed to unleash sony s hardware True potential.
last generation, they created renderware(a last gen middleware similar to unrealengine3 this gen)and made ps2 programing much more friendly.
Although the studio has been pretty quiet this gen, partly because of EA inability to manage all their studios efficiently.

remanutd552280d ago

wow it does look really good, i wanna see gameplay video now

B_Rian892280d ago

I'm calling BS until I see it in motion

chrisarsenalsavart2280d ago

Do you remember the first time you laid your eyes on burnout legend on psp?
that game, made me buy a psp.
So you can relax and put your trust on criterion to deliver an amazing experience on vita.

Liamabob2280d ago

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Burnout Legends in the form of the bullshots they used to hype the game. The bullshots used were using the Burnout 3 models and the game itself turned out to have a lot less polys and no motion-blur effects. I still put a lot of time into the game, but the bullshots took some of the shine off it.