Top Five Funniest Game Commercials

While humor is subjective, everyone should be able to find at least some funny in these selections.

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user54670072281d ago

Oh come on...

Your forgot this has TURK in it :)

GuyThatPlaysGames2281d ago

My favorites were all the old PSP commercials with the annoying white guy always bothering the other guy that had the PSP. That shit was funny.

roadkillers2281d ago

My favorite is the Battletanks commercial. They make you think that a fresh batch of laundry is going to get done, then BAM, out comes a tank after Snuggles.

amaguli2281d ago

I always thought the Sega CD commercial was a bit silly.

Bzone242281d ago

I used to think the Sega NFL 95 commercial was funny.

amaguli2281d ago

Ha, that one is classic.

majiebeast2281d ago

Wow not 1 ratchet and clank commercial made it in wtf.

TheRichterBelmont2281d ago

The easy answer is everything with Segata Sanshiro in it.

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