Latter-half of Tomb Raider to be less bleak, Set up franchise future

Later, as-yet-unseen stages in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will be less bleak than the game's opening section, developer Crystal Dynamics has promised.

The new, younger Lara Croft takes a battering in the adventure's opening hour, as she's turned from shipwreck victim to survivor. But players will eventually see a more confident heroine taking shape.

"You'll see a side to Lara that everyone's been waiting for," Tomb Raider brand manager Karl Stewart told Eurogamer.

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NBT912279d ago

That was kind of obvious, but it will be cool to see the character progression.

Agent_00_Revan2279d ago

While I expected her to be stronger and progress later in the game, I still hope most of it is about raw survival. Its not a concept you see in games.

dorron2279d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I'm gonna get lots of disagrees but I gotta say that, although the game is looking great, it doesn't feel like a Tomb Raider anymore to me, at least from what I've seen up to now.

Capt-FuzzyPants2278d ago

Well she's not really a treasure hunter in this one if that's what you mean. This is more to set up the story for treasure hunting in sequels. I guess this one is more a bout survival. But I don't know if you mean it's different in tone and story or gameplay.

gamer78042278d ago

I hope towards the end it progresses towards the look and feel of the last tombraider game.

Parappa2278d ago

Once this flops I hope they go back to the older style...Oh, who am I kidding? This franchise has been dead for years. I miss the old PS1 style games.