Sumo: Wii U graphics on-par with PlayStation 3, "maybe even better"

British developer Sumo Digital has found the Wii U's graphical capability to be "on-par" with current generation consoles - "or maybe even better".

The Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed developer divulged the information to Eurogamer as we tested out the upcoming racer's Wii U version.

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Xwow20082252d ago

Zzzzz from these boring articles.

Morrigan-Aensland2252d ago ShowReplies(9)
xursz2252d ago

Gamers should stop the hating. Its wrong. I like Nintendo and I like Sony. My brother owns an XBox and we get along just fine. It honestly saddens me a little bit when I come here for daily news and look down at the comment section and see a bunch of angry gamers fighting over which company sucks more, while we arguably share the single greatest hobby and luxury in the world.

I will use my bubbles to spread this message from now on.

triplev162252d ago

I agree, too many haters and not enough players. I remember back in the day me and my friends would be trading our SNES and Genesis consoles just so we'd be able to play all the games available—everyone was happy. Now it's fanboy this and flamewar that. If you don't like the Wii U don't get it, if you don't like PS3 or 360 don't buy one. Simple.

Firebird3602252d ago

Agreed, more systems the better, competition equals more and better games. In the end we all win unless we're blind fanboys.

pixelsword2252d ago

I don't blame fanboys, I blame most "writers" and "journalists" for flaming up stuff when it's not called for.

Look at this article for example:

"Sumo: Wii U graphics on-par with PlayStation 3, "maybe even better""

The Playstation 3 is not mentioned or singled-out in the article at all, but the trolling writer *had* to add it for hits. That does two things:

1. It makes the PS3 the "default" console for the best graphics and at the same time will make Nintendo and PS3 fanboys fight

2. It makes the 360 the "lesser" of the two graphical consoles this gen (the Wii being the least), putting-off 360 owners.

Here's the quote from the article:

"British developer Sumo Digital has found the Wii U's graphical capability to be "on-par" with current generation consoles - "or maybe even better". "

"Current generation consoles"-- not "Playstation 3"

But at the same time, if you notice, eurogamer will constantly lambast PS3 games' graphics for one reason or another.

calis2252d ago

"I agree, too many haters and not enough players."

There's over 100 million PS3,360,Wii's out there. The haters probably number in the 1000s.

xursz2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

calis brings up a great point. What sucks is that the haters are by far the loudest of us, they always have an opinion and a point to get across and will do whatever it takes to make their voice heard. Why this sucks is because it harms the image of us all. Harms the industry, and effects every player out there.

What's worse is gaming media sites tend to encourage trolling for the simple fact that they fuel their comment section. IMHO trolls should be discouraged and stripped of their power in every way possible. The most effective way to do this is to pay as little attntion to them as possible, when possible. Never flame them.

kikizoo2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

"1. It makes the PS3 the "default" console for the best graphics and at the same time will make Nintendo and PS3 fanboys fight
2. It makes the 360 the "lesser" of the two graphical consoles this gen (the Wii being the least), putting-off 360 owners. "

and ?? reality is not a problem....we have enough lies, bad reviews, etc to blame, accept the reality, even if fanboyz don't like that.

edit : [email protected] ultimate denial

olLANDSHARKlo2251d ago

@pixelsword I could care less where anyone put xbox on the list of games, graphic wise or not having too many 1st party developers. I like xbox because of the online community, and microsoft has enough money that they could buy Sony and Nintendo if they wanted. A company that has money is gonna win at the end, always has always will.

BABY-JEDI2251d ago

@ Firebird 360... I would totally agree with you on exclusives,, but multi-plat? No.. Studio resources get stretched through dev, to more &more platforms...

sikbeta2251d ago

Sumo dude was talking about the U version of the game, not the console itself, so yeah, title is misleading...

Statix2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


Microsoft had more money than their competitors 15 years ago, now they're getting beaten by Apple and Google.

And please, stop with that "Microsoft buying Sony" nonsense, because Sony is a larger company. It just makes you sound stupid. They couldn't even buy Nintendo if they wanted, seeing as the Japanese government would most likely step in and put a stop to such an acquisition.

violents2251d ago

I dont think everyone is a hater. look at Morrigan-Aensland's comment at the top, all he said is its not for me because he's into the top notch graphics and such. He's allowed to have an opinion and i applaud him in how he went about it. He wasn't bashing anyone or hating on something, he just said why he prefered one over another, and then the next twelve comments are ppl arguing over who's the bigger fanboy. For god's sake if you have an opinion about anything on this site your just some fanboy with a big mouth. Jeez ppl get you heads out of you bums and just say oh ok and go about you life no one was bashing your precious xbox or ps or wii. Get a life if you dont like others opinions. just because you dont like the wii doen't mean your in here trying to tear down everyone elses dreams. But every time someone makes a comment to the contrary the first thing said after is always "typical fanboy crap" or something along those lines.

xursz2251d ago

Steve, of the 12 users who disagreed, I applaud you for being the only one to argue why so in a half-decent way. But I'm afraid you are so very, very wrong. There is a "loud crowd" not just here but practically everywhere (youtube, IGN, various forums, etc), who hate on EVERYTHING by one company, be it Nintendo, Sony, or MS. There's a small bunch that are notorious haters and I personally believe they send a very negative message of us all to the general public.

On top of that they make the whole point of gaming a lot less fun. Ruining excitement for many people, purposely looking for ways to canabalize gaming from the inside out... It's just wrong.

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doogiebear2252d ago

"Maybe Even Better" doesnt sound good enough. Especially when next gen comes.

miyamoto2252d ago

"You can even use the GamePad screen as a weapon-cam, allowing you to guide homing rockets around the course. But this feature can also demonstrate the perils of glancing from screen-to-screen: Eurogamer saw one racer look down to fire his rocket, stop racing, and manage to shoot himself instead."

Ironic, this kind of problem plagued my Sega Dreamcast too as I remember & Nintendo is bringing it back.

showtimefolks2252d ago

Nintendo please release the specs so we can stop with these articles, i think we thing we can all agree on is wii-u will be a little more powerful than current consoles and that's fine i am just excited about playing N 1st party titles in HD

stop hating, as of now we know so little about actual specs so we should't hate on something we know little about

Irishguy952252d ago

Well, even if they do release the specs it'll be hard to compare them to the playstation...

Or a Power 7 basically an upgraded Cell or something? I ain't sure

ProjectVulcan2251d ago

Nintendo just can't make it easy and release specs. They are probably fine about the publicity. All publicity is good publicity.

Besides only a small amount of their market might even understand what the specs actually means. 95 percent of people who will buy one of these things couldn't care less what sort of single precision gigaflops its GPU can do...

BattleAxe2252d ago

Whats the point in buying a WiiU....Nintendo fans should just keep playing their Wii machines and buy a cheap PS3 or 360, or just get into PC gaming.

BlackTar1872251d ago

Wii u looks to have some cool games coming . Graphics aside gameplay is the important point.

chazjamie2252d ago

i have yet to see nintendo fanboys on this site

BlackTar1872251d ago


You are so correct you are not allowed to like more then 1 thing and if you do it is just to hide the hidden agenda. Are fanboys unable to accept not everyone has the same malfunction in their brain as they do?

I am a gamer i play on every system and will continue to do so as long as the systems cater to what i want. I can prefer one over the other without hating the other.

WE ARE GAMERS lets just play game and discuss the difference - the hate.

aquamala2251d ago

just on par with PS3? not very powerful then

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MysticStrummer2252d ago

Welcome to the current generation, Nintendo. I think most of the snacks are gone, but there's still beer in the keg.

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samtheseed2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Here is the real quote.

The >>game<< is “easily on a par [with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions],” says Lycett.

“We’re still very much getting to grips with what we can make the hardware do [...]. So it’s hard to really answer that right now, but yeah, I think once we’ve had a bit more time finding our way around it, chances are you can look to >>do things that you may not be able to do before<<.”

greenpowerz2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Saying PS3 will get more hits due to the false myth that the PS3 is the most powerful. Obviously aimed at ps fanboys being upset with the alteration of what was said.

Back to sleeping dogs ;)

Hoje03082252d ago

Actually, comparing to PS3 makes sense, as the best looking games on console are PS3 exclusives. So much for your "false myth". Now go Google the word redundant.

Balcrist2252d ago

Hoje, PS3 exclusives do not have the best graphics, nor does the game system define a game's graphics so much as the game's developers do. Developers can only set their graphic so high according to the console's graphics yes, but so often they do less than that... to the point where graphics are where the developers set them.

Outside_ofthe_Box2252d ago

Wow. You have resorted to saying lies now.

greenpowerz2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )


Those games you're talking about are mostly linear, static QTE games sometimes with fixed camera design.

I was talking about games that show the true difference with more complex design that take true power to run them. Games like Crysis 2, GTA4/5, Sleeping Dogs, Rage, Skyrim, Watch Dogs, Forza Horizon/4 Talking bigger and more open games with more features and mutli player games that are more taxing.

There are multiplatform games that look better than PS3 exclusives that are much more ambitious in design and tech that run and look better on the 360.

There is no excuse for this

If the PS3 version was on par with the 360 version the ps3 would choke. If the game was shrank and striped of complexity and offered as a PS3 exclusive the devs would be told to make nice graphics on par with what you guys think as being unmatched

I think you're talking about games that can afford a shiny coat of paint vs complexity.

WetN00dle692252d ago

Damn man that looks ugly on the PS3. Still ill wait for Digital Foundry's comparison.

ziggurcat2252d ago

"There is no excuse for this "

true, there isn't, but that's not the fault of the hardware - it comes down to the skill of the devs, who apparently aren't very good at their jobs in that case.

also, care to name one muliplatform game that looks better than a PS3 exclusive title?

dantesparda2251d ago

^^^^ "There is no excuse for this "

actually thats not true, it is the fault of the hardware, the sdk and developer. those 3 combined form the final product

Statix2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


Just because some multiplatform games look better on the 360 does not mean the PS3 is less powerful. That's a complete logical fallacy. Most multiplatform games are lead-developed first on 360 and then ported to the PS3, hence the poor optimization of the PS3 versions.

If every developer led on PS3 or focused on optimizing their games for the PS3 first, then the story would be completely different. Battlefield 3, LA Noire, and Portal 2 are clear examples of this; they more-or-less look better on PS3 because their lead console was the PS3.

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Puddlejumper752252d ago

People don't care about facts. They see what they want to see. It's jsut the ignorance of Sony fans in general.

Wow Green said something I agree with.. The world will end

@hoje,guess that is why the highest rated exclusive this gen is on the Wii right? Cause PS3 being the most powerful means its games are better. Guess when Wii U is more powerful you'll instantly give credit to Nintendo as having the best games then right? According to your words thats all that it takes to have the best games after all. reviews and sales are meaningless

HammadTheBeast2252d ago

Hey bro... Wii U being a bit more powerful than PS3 is NOTHING to boast about, after 6 years. And once again, your stupid posts have some random ass claim, which "highest rated exclusive" is on Wii? Pretty sure Uncharted, Gears, etc. blow anything on Wii away.

bothebo2252d ago

I'd like to hear what that is aside from shovelware. Uncharted 2 got a 96 metacritic score. Stop talking out of your ass.

GenHero2252d ago

@bothebo Mario galaxy 1 and 2 both have 97 on metacritic

HammadTheBeast2252d ago


Itcdoesnt have GTA 4, which is 98. Metacritic is shit anyways.

GenHero2252d ago

@HammadTheOne well this was about the "highest rated exclusive" so...

@disagrees on 1st comment
3 disagrees? i was only stating a fact, I wasn't saying Mario galaxy 1&2 was better than Uncharted 2

Outside_ofthe_Box2252d ago

Why do you always generalize?


@puddlejumper, hoje was talking about graphics so your blind fanboyism against sony must be harming your reading ability..fanboys do make me laugh. And as for you exclusive argument ratings are highly subjective, to the wii crowed with the abundance of shovelware mario galaxy is like a gift from the gaming gods but personally i think its quite a poorly executed game. Basically Metacritic ratings cant realistically be used to determine which game or console is best. It all comes down to taste, personaly my most enjoyable gaming experience this gen was a multiplatform game called neir which wasnt highly rated but who cares, just stop trolling its stupid

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nintendojunkie282252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Could you PM me a link to the full interview?

Rainstorm812252d ago

On par?...MAYBE better?....Well looks like the Wii-U will be as next gen as the Wii is when compared to the 360 and PS3

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SlavisH22252d ago ShowReplies(2)