Gaming While Deployed In The Military

While in the military, Travis was deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan (pictured above). Each time, Travis brought a different portable gaming system with him. Though each deployment was different, each has a shared memory of spending my time off enjoying a video game in a place far removed from Travis's couch at home. Travis will leave out the military details and focus on the gaming.

Travis deployed to Kuwait in 2003, and provided support from a border camp in Kuwait for those moving into Iraq. Travis took with him a Game Boy Advance. Samus from Metroid Fusion was acclimating to changes in her suit while Travis did the same. She absorbed abilities, whereas Travis probably still has sand in his ears.

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HebrewHammer2254d ago

Ah, the infamous camel spider lol.

Completely irrelevant, but somehow - relevant.

MYRMIK2254d ago

With the amount of service members that play portable gaming systems while deployed, you'd think more devices would come in cool camo patterns instead of just white and purple variations.