Sony in talks with publishers for Cross Buy promotions

Sony is currently in talks with third-party publishers to adopt the Cross Buy initiative, a service that gifts a free Vita game to consumers who have bought a compatible PlayStation 3 title.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International during Gamescom this week, European boss Jim Ryan said it's the platform holders responsibility to push new initiatives to consumers and convince publishers to come on board.

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Hisiru2257d ago

Looks promissing. This is just the start for the PSV.

darthv722257d ago

sony should have done with the psp as well. Meaning that if you bought a bluray movie there would be a psp version on the same disc that you could transfer via the ps3.

Or if you bought a ps3 game that there was also a psp version, that version would be included as well. Oh well, that didnt work out but I like they would try the same approach for the vita now.

And it makes more sense as games that support cross platform play between ps3 and vita would be more beneficial than trying to do cross platform play between ps3 and psp.

All sony can do is ask. If others arent keen to the idea, that still should not stop sony from doing it on their own published titles.

plmkoh2257d ago

"sony should have done with the psp as well. Meaning that if you bought a bluray movie there would be a psp version on the same disc that you could transfer via the ps3. "

No need to when many blu-rays already include the same movie on dvd, and digital mp4 format that is fully compatible with devices such as the PSP.

Nimblest-Assassin2257d ago

I promise that capcom, activision and ea will never make a cross buy game

ABizzel12257d ago

EA might since they do a lot of exclusive content for PS3 games.

Capcom is unlikely due to how the treat DLC.

Activision probably never.

Cross-Buy will most likely be a first party only feature, but that's fine with me since those are the main games I buy anyway.

Another problem is that this will take sales away from MS, since you get two versions for the price of one.

lilbrat232257d ago

I do hope publishers jump into this because I really would love to see more games and I also wished in was 8/28 for the Vita update.

Summons752257d ago

Step in the right direction. NOw just bundle the physical vita version with the ps3 disc and you will be golden!

Diver2257d ago

no. sony isn't that stupid. there has to be some way for them to protect themselves from people that don't own vitas from cashing in cause that would harm the vita and an already great deal.

Summons752257d ago

they will also be hurting when people don't want digital media

himdeel2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

The Vita is pretty well locked down for digital content tied to one PSN ID. There is no way they'd include a physical Vita copy with a PS3 game right now. It would be ridiculous to include a physical copy especially when they cannot lock a physical unplayed Vita games to your PSN ID.

To do this right SONY needs to do what they said, with the PS3 game you get a voucher for the Vita game in the box or with the download of the PS3 game. They better have the option of a physical Vita copy with the PS3 version but it has to be more than $60 to deter folks from selling the Vita version if they dont have a Vita.

What's going to inevitably happen if the voucher isn't tied to the PS3 game and PSN ID is people without Vitas will sell the vouchers. UNLESS SONY requires you to register both versions to play the disc/downloadable game it's going to get dicey.

On the other end of all of this it may encourages more developers to make games on the Vita.

Cryptcuzz2257d ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly, it does not make sense to bundle in both the PS3 physical game as well as the Physical Vita copy. People who do not have both will end up selling one on Craigslist or Ebay. That would be suicide for Sony since it would cut into the software sales for one system. People who do not like to download their free version digitally can suck it. Either take advantage of that or miss out, since it is after all FREE for the other version. With a system like this in place from Sony, instead of praising them and look forward to how beneficial it is to those who have both systems, there will always be others who complain over something so trivial.

triplev162257d ago

Maybe not packed in for free as you mentioned but a download code for a discounted price would work. That would be incentive enough for me, and potentially more publishers would jump on board.

josephps32257d ago

This could be a potential game changer for me if they pull it off. If majority of the publishers adopt this and I can buy a PS3 game and then download a Vita version of it, heck I'll even be willing to pay $10-$20 for it. Then I can overlook the high Vita price and high memory card price.

Metal-X2257d ago

This is a great idea, but surely sombody is losing money on each free game they give out.

DarkTower8052257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

That really depends on how you look at it. Take PASBR, I was on the fence about buying it, but since it was announced to come with a Vita copy I'm now buying it for sure. This can actually create sales that weren't there before.

majiebeast2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Im just glad Sony is already doing it with first party title's third party is just a bonus. But i really dont expect Capcom to give away a free vita version of their games.

Qrphe2257d ago

Criterion mentioned they were considering Cross Buy for their next Need For Speed, but their bosses are EA...


Snookies122257d ago

EA and Capcom suck these days... :\

Ddouble2256d ago

I'm already going to double dip on both versions but even if they offer a discount on the Vita version if you buy the PS3 version, I'll be a happy man.

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