1UP: DmC's Dante Isn't the Pretty Boy You Think He Is

1UP: "How London Calling turned Devil May Cry's hero into a bad boy."

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zeal0us2252d ago

"This new Dante is the kind of kid who will smack a soda can out of the hands of a chubby guy who's walking next to him, scolding him on how that high fructose corn syrup will add to his tremendous girth"

Base off this description new Dante seems like a-hole.

mafiahajeri2252d ago

Yes a the title is implying that the first dante wasnt a pretty boy! Dang he just might be prettier than this guy but this guys emo look just doesnt make him seem like a badass.

Pozzle2251d ago

Don't worry. Old-Dante would pick the soda can up, give it back to the fat kid, then make some snarky-yet-hilarious remark towards new-Dante about why it's douchey for a grown man to pick on a child.

user54670072252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

"DmC's Dante Isn't the Pretty Boy You Think He Is"

Yeah...we know, ugly kid aint he

Met him once, says he spends his time at a meth lab....Walter and Jessie will hopefully kill him

The Pheen-X2252d ago

That was a really bad joke.

Skateboard2252d ago

Actually it was very clever.

Moby-Royale2252d ago

Magnets b**ch!!

Haha hell yeah!

user54670072252d ago

Yeah Mr White....


Smokeeye1232252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )


KwietStorm2252d ago

Is your avatar from Batman the animated series?

Lord_Sloth2252d ago

Seriously. Probs for the BB reference and I dunno who thought he was a "pretty boy" at any stage in this game's development.

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Summons752252d ago

Yeah he was a friday night mall lurker and than he learned what meth was....such a terrible design and his attitude it terrible as well.

8bitHero2252d ago

my beef with his redesign is that they made him look exactly like one of the people in charge of the game, i think its the producer, i cant remember correctly. its such a shit head arrogant move imo -_-

Reverent2252d ago

Well I suppose it could have been a Bobby Singer/Supernatural thing, but I doubt that... DmC guys are probably being d-bags on purpose.

Metal-X2252d ago

Why does he have a British flag on his clothing?

Allsystemgamer2252d ago

I dunno but if I was British I'd be insulted lol

zerocrossing2252d ago

I'm British... and I am insulted, lol

kanetheking2252d ago

it's just to say the game is made by British devs

Reverent2252d ago

Or to show how rebellious the new Dante is. You know, the whole ridiculous anarchy in the UK bullsh*t that is used by little kids who think listening to punk rock music makes them rebellious.

2252d ago
Sevir2252d ago

In the UK, the younger generation who are a rebellious force refuse to bow down to the UK government and the jack is a symbolism that they dont care for the givernment and so they listen to punk music that and cause trouble and flaunt that behavior to government officials!

This is what you get, a full explanation of the likes of why characters are the way they are. very few Japanese developers are ale to flesh out personalities with great explanations

We can see that Dante now has a reason for the attitude and why he's the way he is! its isnt some predictable 1 dimensional back story that you've come to live with because of being shoe horned in our mouth when the first DMC was release sooo many years ago!

Albeit, Dante isn't english from nature, this reimagining hangs more closely to Europe with the developers even stating that the architecture is more closely inspired by European culture, especially with the hole in the wall secret ally clubs you'll find throughout the Country along with its expansive sprawls of catherdrals and castles and pop artsy colour and form of Art Decco style in contempory and old style decor!

Capcom really wanted to change not just the surface of the Franchise, but even things that simply didn't make sense. the more I see this game the more and more i want to play it! at first i was really annoyed because i never understood the direct and didnt think that the formula was a broken one. Dante was iconic, but then the more i pondered and the more i saw i realized that the only thing this series had going for it was its gameplay and Dante's Japanese cool factor, which none was explained!

The story was more shallow than a puddle of water in the street and The previous developers didn't do a good job of tying together anything. So this is one reason why I realized that i was just bitching because I was simply too attached to a character I grew up with with a finite and very minute understanding, no thanks in part to capcom.

I'm looking forward to playing it! It really does look amazing. A long way from where the game came from and the Refinements Epic made to the UE3 can be seen here. I dont judging and writing the game off on 4 minute trailers! I'll let the previews and the game itself tell me when i beat them!

kanetheking2251d ago

no it was said in a interview by a dev it just means the game is British made, he never said anything about rebelling or British punk

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