Heavy Rain director tells game industry it's time to grow up

In a new interview at Gamescom, the outspoken director of Heavy Rain talked to Gamasutra about his frustration with the industry and its refusal to move to more mature subject matter.

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Godmars2902252d ago

And, no offense, you have to make better paced games. Games that are worth more than one playthrough.

DoomeDx2252d ago

Somebody never played Heavy Rain before..

Heavy Rain has a SLOW start, but after that, the pace is amazing.

And replay value? I finished heavy rain 3 times.

palaeomerus2252d ago

I played it and completely disagree with with you on the pacing. And playing it once was enough.

It wasn't a great game. Plot was bad. Characters were bad. Voice acting was often surreally poor. And unreliable internal monologue? REALLY?


I don't blame people for liking it. Hell I like the Armored Core, Crackdown, and Earth Defense Force games but I don't ignore their massive flaws, get upset when other people point them out, and praise them beyond their worth.

David Cage is NOT master of pacing or even a consistently good storyteller.

coolbeans2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

"Heavy Rain has a SLOW start. . ."

Wouldn't this mean you somewhat agree with Godmars290's first sentence? You give the notion that there's room for him to make better paced games.

kneon2252d ago

The slow start is deliberate, it's needed to set the proper atmosphere, enhance immersion and get you feeling the intended emotions.

Most other developers would have likely made much of the beginning into cut scenes which would have resulted in the game having far less impact.

BitbyDeath2252d ago

I don't know about this slow start stuff, it is setting up his family life to show what he's got before it all gets taken away.

Seems kind of important to me, do remember this is an interactive drama and not a shooter.

coolbeans2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

@kneon and BitbyDeath

--Note: This response is if you were addressing me in any way--

I didn't judge the pacing of the game, or whether it was the correct move or not, in my response.

I only point out that DoomeDx slants Mars pacing comment but then admits it has pacing issues in the beginning, in HIS/HER opinion (not mine).

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GribbleGrunger2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I find it really odd how a game that is designed to be played multiple times keeps getting comments like this. Some people are so easily brainwashed. And, NO, it hasn't just got different endings, it's got entirely different scenarios throughout depending on what character you focus on, what you do with that character or whether that character lives. This game is ALL about replay value. In fact you would be wasting your time buying it if you only played it once

Blastoise2252d ago

What are you talking about? Heavy rain has great replay value, different out comes with different choices and multiple endings...

Godmars2902252d ago

And as a game offering multiple paths and endings does it really need a slow four plus hour start?

Sure its no where near the 25 plus hours FFXIII you have to invest in to the even weaker actual story, but still.

BitbyDeath2252d ago

@Godmars290, There is an option to select what chapter you want once you have completed it, as long as you act differently everything will change from then on.

TheMasterShake2252d ago

The Master Shake says its time for the industry to shut up

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

he wants every game to be dull?

I like the kid like nature of some games. I get enough of the adult world in real life.

He doesn't even make games he makes movies with tacked on interactivity imo.

beyond looks great but the gameplay is for the brain dead imho..

Beyond souls looks great but he needs to go "beyond" Q.T.E

I love ps3 but knowing n4g most will disagree with me saying this about a ps3 dev.

This is what will happen to me know..

Cage needs to become a movie director be done with it already.

Also his games are recognized because it is the minority of the industry & if the industry did go this direction R* & Ubisoft would probably over shadow his games. He should be glad most devs don't make heavy rain like games as his game were never really talked about for it amazing gameplay. And I like to play games.

Back to TF2..

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