Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Box Art Revealed

Videogamesplus has updated their database with box arts for Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout, Finding Nemo: Escape To Big Blue, and Everyone Sing.

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Relientk773021d ago

Looks way better than the Batman Arkham City GoTY edition

WeskerChildReborned3021d ago

Haha but does it matter what the box art really looks like? If this edition is $59.99 or less, i'm probably gonna get it since it will still be a good deal since the membership is $50 and the game itself is around $30-$50.

Blacktric3021d ago


It will be 70 Dollars/60 Euros according to Origin. Though it still is a good deal if you are interested in the game.

Relientk773021d ago

^it doesnt WeskerChildReborned

just making a point lol

JKelloggs3021d ago

What box-art DOESN'T look better than Arkham City GoTY? Haha

Relientk773021d ago

ok JKelloggs

good point lol

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