What Direction is Final Fantasy Heading?

This is a question that G.R. Bradley at Rant Gaming heard many fans of the popular game series ask, and one that she has also wondered. It’s obvious that the series has changed drastically since the original Final Fantasy came out back in , but with releases such as the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, where is Square Enix truly taking the series? Is it leaving traditional RPG gameplay behind and moving towards other elements in gaming?

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NastyLeftHook02257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

there heading for disaster. but if versus is any good, then all is forgiven.

Kratoscar20082257d ago

They are heading to their own demise, but there is still hope (If Wada is fired).

ToZanarkand862257d ago

they need Sakaguchi and Uematsu back...

abzdine2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

as long as the CEO is Wada even Miyamoto and Kojima in the team wouldn't be enough. He wanted to open up to the occidental market and "casualize" FF.
Result: a game where you only run in a straight line, no weapons upgrades, no possibility to talk to other secondary characters, a FF with no soul...

ToZanarkand862257d ago

yeah what a dumbass guy. surely FF sold shit loads before it 'westernised' itself so why change it?
FF13 bored the shit out of me, whereas FFX is one of my all time fave games. just shows that different isnt always better.

abzdine2257d ago

Big western franchises never tried to "japanize" themselves.
I really hate people who try to change their habits and culture to try to fit with others. Each person being itself and trying to keep its values is the best thing that could happen. It gives much more nice variety and people have more things to choose between.

ToZanarkand862257d ago

japanese culture to me is much more interesting than something trying too hard to be americanised. its a shame really as i used to look forward to all Squares games, nowadays they just seem uninspired, especially with their stories which was what made them great in the first place

Capt-FuzzyPants2257d ago

Uematsu did FF14 I believe. And he also did the Chocobo themes for FF13-2. And yes that does mean Crazy Chocobo.

abzdine2257d ago

it's heading nowhere it already collapsed totally thanks to the clowns Kitase Toriyama and the biggest of them all Wada the corrupt CEO.

Elda2257d ago

Mechanics,engine,graphics,game play is fine,storytelling is a different story they need to work on that,but I'll always have faith in the FF series.

kent800820072257d ago

game play is dull, repetitive and stale, it's a total disaster