Nintendo’s 3 Largest Mistakes with the Wii U

After the many months players have known about the Nintendo Wii U, players would have thought they would see a little bit more from the console. Of course there have been some huge announcements and some great delights but there are many vital aspects revolving around Nintendo’s Wii U console that are left unanswered. For being the first next-gen console to emerge there must be some great points that force players to want to buy that console that make players believe it is truly next-gen. The Wii U has great points and points that have never been seen before in the gaming industry but is what we are witnessing truly next-gen gaming?

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TheSuperior 2256d ago

Totally agree. I wish they would do somthing about making a cool exculsive game. I think its a little soon for Zelda because of Skyward Sword but if there was a Mario game kind of open world like Mario 64 i would buy the Wii U no matter the price.

TheGrimBunny2256d ago

Good piece.. I have to agree with what she wrote.


Well I think Miiverse is going to make everyone go ballistic!

2256d ago
Buff10442256d ago

The system isn't even out yet. How can we say any of what she mentions is a mistake? She assumes Mario is an average run of the mill 2D game, and she hasn't let Nintendo begin the marketing push that'll obviously take place, where the company will spotlight controllers and let the public know how things charge and what not. As for that last point she made, this is exactly why gamers are spoiled and ungrateful. They complain about 3DS not having a Mario at launch. So what does Nintendo do? OK, here's a Mario game for Wii U. And the gamers respond with....well...this isn't the type of Mario game we want. It's ridiculous.

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