Trine 2: Goblin Menace announced for PC and Wii U

Finnish game developer Frozenbyte has unveiled an expansion to its action adventure game, Trine 2.

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Hisiru2253d ago

Wooow... it looks INCREDIBLE! Good work guys! :)

So it's already included for the Trine 2:Director's Cut WiIU version? Great! I was 100% sure I will buy it, now I am 1000% sure. lol

Can't wait for this game!

legend9112253d ago

I loved playing the Onlive demo for the first one, over and over again! I should really look into this.

Dlacy13g2253d ago

Good game for the Wii U to get. It will be interesting to see how many PC ports the WiiU gets given how similar it is to the Xbox 360 but having more RAM may afford it more quick ports in the near future for some of the upcoming/current PC titles.

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dubal-e2253d ago

hmm i may add another game to my list

CrustifiedDibbs2252d ago

nice. bought both games during the steam sale for a couple bucks. bring on more content.