Atlus reveals Persona 4 Golden limited pre-order bonus

Game publisher Atlus wants gamers to know they have their PlayStation Vitas covered. By covered, they mean that those who pre-order Persona 4 Golden will receive a free Vita Skin inspired by the game.

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Qrphe2306d ago

I'm not into stickers too much but I wanna collect it either way!

GenericNameHere2306d ago

Wait, wait! Europe only, or US only and not for Europe? It doesn't say in the article!

Anyways, woot! If it does come out in the US, then I'll be very happy! Just pre-ordered P4G and Pokemon Black 2 earlier this week, so I'm definitely happy with it! Sucks I thought it was coming out on October 30th, but is actually Nov 20th. Oh well, looks like i'll be getting PSASBR PS3/Vita and P4G that day. One PS3 game and two Vita games (free Vita version of PSASBR is freaking awesome!)

itani2306d ago

The game itself hasn't been confirmed to come to Europe yet.

zgoldenlionz2305d ago

I got an email yesterday from atlus preorder from amazon or GameStop in the US to get the p4g vita cover. I just preordered this and all stars as well.

Protagonist2305d ago

Which participating retailers are offering this?