Destructoid gamescom Preview: Puppeteer is as weird as it is beautiful


Game director Gavin Moore showed off his newly announced PS3 title Puppeteer at gamescom this morning in a closed session. If you saw the debut trailer you'd have some idea how beautiful this game is, but screenshots and videos do no justice to seeing it in person. What you may have missed from the announcement is just how strange Puppeteer is. Moore explained both sides fully this morning in his presentation.

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GribbleGrunger2256d ago

This, Tearaway and Rain have become my most wanted... oh but then there's Beyond, GOWA and The Last of Us! Dear lord I'm going to be skint next year

TBM2256d ago

yea its amazing the new IPs dropping next year for PS3.

Ron_Danger2256d ago

I showed the trailer to my girlfriend without telling her anything about it and she thought it looked cool. Then I explained to her that it's supposed to look like a puppet show playing on a stage in front of you and replayed it. She was blown away

Games like this, Datura, Papo & Yo, Unfinished Swan, Sound Shapes, and anything by That Game Company make me glad I own a PS3 and Vita

2256d ago
smashcrashbash2256d ago

Sounds wonderful. I love the whole puppet stage theme. Looks like this game is going to have tons of variety to it. Can't wait. I am hoping that the release date to this this game is sooner and not later.