Dead Space 3 benches show the engineer in Isaac

Weapon benches get an overhaul for Dead Space 3 to better show that Isaac was an engineer and let you craft your own guns.

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Rhezin2306d ago

DUMB. I had high hopes even w/ multiplayer, but this? Just doesn't feel like dead space anymore.

IWentBrokeForGaming2306d ago

Do they show more of the engineer in Isaac? or do they show further disconnect from the franchise to make it cator to shooter fans?

I'll go with option B

DoomeDx2306d ago

I know that Dead Space 3 is taking a step in the wrong direction. But this Bench Overhaul sounds pretty cool.

IWentBrokeForGaming2306d ago

Dead Space is like an Ex-girlfriend... it no longer looks good to me and it f'd me over bad enough I won't go back... but sometimes it's decent enough to hit it one more time, haha

STICKzophrenic2306d ago

I watched the video on GameTrailers and I must say that I think this feature will be awesome. Who wouldn't want the tried and true plasma cutter, that also has a flamethrower? Count me in!

Sevir2306d ago

I can't wait for the game. Its really gonna be great. I simply don'T write a game off over a 4 minute highlight reel trailer. Feb 5th, 2013 yes please.