Gamers are playing fewer titles in more detail, says Activision chief

Activision's chief executive Eric Hirshberg has dismissed fears that the firm's forthcoming blockbuster title Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 might be met with poor sales.

Speaking to the BBC ahead of the Blacks Ops' appearance at Gamescom in Germany, Hirshberg said that today's sales patterns reflect a change in consumer habits, rather than a dwindling enthusiasm for gaming.

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triplev162306d ago

Hey Activision—create a new franchise for a change, take some risks here and there and have the decency to call it like it is. When you find less people are playing your game, it's because they are playing something else. That's what happens when you make any game part 9. How can you expect anyone to be excited about a "part-nine?" The franchise makes loads right now but what happens after that? Too many eggs in one basket—it's longtime they branched out.

wages of sin2306d ago

"That's what happens when you make any game part 9."

Says the guy with a Mario avatar.

brich2332306d ago

how many marios are there? 50+

triplev162306d ago

As far as I know the article wasn't about Mario, try staying on topic so you can debate the issues presented instead of bashing avatars.

MidnytRain2305d ago

Lol, there've literally been over 200 games with Mario in it. Look it up.

Zha1tan2306d ago

I guess you havent heard of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron then have you?

Its a risk for activision because the last one didnt sell to well even though it was a great game, most underated of the year by far.

So yes Acti actually do take risks unlike a majority of other big publishers, please go.

triplev162305d ago

If making a licensed Transformers game is a risk to you then I rest my case.

Wages & Brich: You did read the part where I said "any game part 9" right? That does mean any game. Just because I have a Mario avatar doesn't mean I don't think the same about that series as well.

The hurt is strong with you.

Zha1tan2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Its nothing to do with the films and youd be suprised how much a niche game it is.

Sorry to burst your bubble but it was a risk with a new IP as clearly it didnt sell well and so sorry if your all butthurt I completely proved you wrong.

Oh and if your reffering to the bayformers please once again, go as those movie games sold very poorly aswell.

triplev162305d ago

LOL I'm not saying the Transformers game is going to be bad and I hope it's good for the developers sake. But I don't agree that taking a licensed property with a large fanbase is as big a risk as creating a completely new IP from scratch. I think you're making a whole lot of assumptions about what I'm trying to say about this article. No hate from me over here—I just want to encourage developers to create new experiences. No bubbles burst here and you didn't prove anything. And BTW I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

morkendo232306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Gamers are playing fewer titles

I know i am tired of FPS, MULTIPLAYER games. hardly turn on my ps3 now days. good lord wish SNES,PS1 games be revived. im already hounding down IREM with e-mails about R-TYPE and KONAMI to re-introduce GRADIUS for ps3

MacDonagh2306d ago

Customer habits have changed because they can't afford to buy Triple AAA releases throughout the year like they used to in the good ol' days. There is a recession going on you know.

yeahokchief2306d ago

I can totally afford anything I want right now, but don't have enough time for everything.

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