Sony's Cross Buy Program is A Huge Step In The Right Direction | "You already knew about Cross Play, a feature that lets you play select titles, such as Sound Shapes and the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, on both your Ps3 and your Vita. Since you still had to buy both titles, however, it seemed more like a money grab than an exciting feature. With Sony unveiling their new Cross Buy initiative at Gamescom though, the company is doing something that could generate something much more valuable than profits right now: goodwill."

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remanutd552281d ago

i believe so because of cross buy im buying Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Guacamelee and maybe Playstation All Stars

Jdoki2281d ago

I'm really intrigued by this, it sounds like a brilliant idea. But do we know if this really is 'goodwill' from Sony, or will there be any catches?

For example...

How will the Vita games be activated? (from a code in the box, or downloaded from the Blu-Ray to PS3 first).

Will there be any DRM measures in place that stop a gamer owning the Vita version after they have sold the Blu-Ray version? (and how would that work!)

Do we know if there will be multiple versions of games... i.e. non-cross play and cross-play enabled. And if so will there be a price difference?

Talking of price, do we even know that the cross-play games are going to be the same as normal price, or will they carry a premium?

Will there be any sort of 'season pass' so that if a person buys a cross-play title second hand, will they still be able to play the Vita version?

I've not seen these questions answered, so if anyone has a link I'd appreciate it.

Sanquine902281d ago

I think you will get a code;) Who gives a FUCK! Free edition! Game on the vita and ps3! SO MUCH WIN

darthv722280d ago

sony will not have another missed opportunity if this goes through.

It had been rumored they intended to do something similar with the psp. Bluray movies would contain a psp version you could transfer via the ps3. There were also reports of them trying to get ps3 games to include a psp version as well.

Neither of those worked out. Lets hope this time they follow through.

Jdoki2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


If it's a code it means that the user has to wait for the title to download. And as background downloading isn't supported while playing some games (such as online multiplayer titles), then it's an even longer wait.

If the Vita version is on the disk it can be transferred to PS3 and then to Vita... much quicker.

And we don't yet know if the Vita version will be completely free. They could increase the price of the cross play version.

FunAndGun2281d ago

I bet you would buy Playstation All Stars if there was a Motorstorm level! I know you are a crazed lunatic! :)

FragGen2281d ago

I agree this is an important step. I'll bet a strong majority of Vita owners are PS3 owners.

I mentioned the need for a something like this in one of my other Vita posts on N4G recently. They had already done it with the pinball arcade game and I thought it was a brilliant move. A huge incentive for me to buy that title even though I already owned a couple.

I'm not likely to drop $60 on a AAA PS3 title and turn around and drop another $40 for a portable version. I more likely to skip the portable version unless it adds significant value.

chrisarsenalsavart2281d ago

sony really does all the right moves, except the memorycard taken out of the bundle pack.

FragGen2280d ago

Agreed. I think lowering the memory card price might even be a better move than lowering the base unit price. An expensive completely proprietary memory card is a bitter pill to swallow when I can get a very similarly sized but generic 32gb MicroSD that I can use in any other device I own for <$20.

dorron2281d ago

I'm still pissed MGS HD didn't have cross buy...

Ult iMate2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Blame Konami. Sony has nothing to do with MGS.

dorron2280d ago

I know, but Crossbuy shouldn't be a Sony only feature and Konami and Kojima Productions should have thought of it, especially since they advertised the transfarring system, which doesn't make any sense without crossbuy.

MaxXAttaxX2280d ago

I guess it's because it released a year later after the PS3 version.
Also, isn't cross buy a new thing just recently announced?

Lol_Lmao2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Even if you only have a Vita this is great. Buy PS3 version $60, download Vita version, sell PS3 version $40, and only pay about $20.

mttrackmaster382279d ago

This is why we can't have nice things.