I'm So Over Zombies | "In the past decade, zombies have become a cultural phenomenon, with the undead popping up in numerous books, movies, and games. Zombies are a fun idea, and I won’t admit I don’t enjoy a good zombie apocalypse, but I’m sick of zombies in games. So many games play with the idea of undead hordes that blowing their heads off has become shockingly boring."

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Omegabalmung2281d ago

I was pretty much over zombies until I played DayZ.

Nimblest-Assassin2279d ago

its not the zombies, its the survivors... something last of us is also playing with

brettyd2281d ago

I've been over zombies.

Dazel2281d ago

Dayz is soooo much more than just Zombies though, the emergent gameplay and brutal survival, bandits, shouting friendly friendly, teaming up with buddies or hiding in the woods. There are just so many ways to play.

aliengmr2280d ago

DayZ is about survival, zombies(infected) are there for atmosphere.

FCOLitsjustagame2281d ago

Yeah I have been over zombies for a while.
How come no one ever complains about enemy AI when its just zombies running straight at you? Its just a cheap way of doing things.

Raoh2281d ago

I'm not, I've always loved and still love zombies.

What I am over is generic gameplay adding zombies for no reason.

While many love CoD zombies, I really don't see the need or reason for it.

I'm over FPS games, I need more TPS.