Video: The first man into Gamescom - What did he play (and run to)?

CVG: Those hundreds of people who queue for hours to enter games conventions - which games are they actually queuing for?

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partycrasher1012307d ago

Would have been more enjoyable to watch if it turned out the guy was sprinting to the washroom.

Metal-X2307d ago

Or the exit at the opposite side of the building. :-)

Nimblest-Assassin2306d ago

Not sure if legitimate article... or stalking

nik666uk2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Probably a much needed slash!!

andrewf912307d ago

He goes to play Assassin's Creed III, there I just saved you 2:12 mins of your life.

Rockefellow2307d ago

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

PersonMan2307d ago

And a gentleman and a scholar.

ironfist922306d ago


And I wouldve run to that game too :P