How The Last Of Us is redefining videogame morality: “Joel has no moral line left to cross”

We find out more about The Last Of Us’ dubious moral code. This a game where the hero is anything but a good man and it’s a refreshing change to the usual black and white or video game ethics.

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Irishguy952255d ago

None at all? that why he's roaming with Ellie?

GribbleGrunger2255d ago

It's going to be a very interesting dynamic: Will Ellie help Joel regain some of his morals or will Joel further erode Ellie's?

Lord_Sloth2255d ago

Indeed. However, if she wants to survive in this world she will do nothing to compromise his morals.

He's gonna end up dying to save her, and it will be awesome. Just you watch! XXXD

TheBioLover2255d ago

I wonder if Joel could............"have fun" with Ellie, due to having no more morals. Mash X to have an underage bash?

Hoje03082255d ago

Would you actually want to play that game?

Nimblest-Assassin2253d ago

If they had multiple endings, that would be a cool thing, were either ellie helps joel regain his humanity, or ellie looses hers

showtimefolks2255d ago

even though we have seen some things of last of us 2 things we don't know how big the game will be and when is the release date. for all we know last of us could be coming next fall so ND have a lot of time to get feedback and make the changes they want

i am not gonna questions ND i think they can nail this game down to every little thing, by the time this comes out let's say fall 2013 that's over 4 years of development. All we have seen is little bits and pieces

AsheXII2255d ago

Lol another sensationalist title. "redefining"? As if we never had morality tackled in video games in the past 25 years.

Minato-Namikaze2255d ago

Do you know what redefining means?

AsheXII2255d ago

It usually means to pick something and taking it to a different level. Which again goes to the fact that every messed up morality issue has been raised in video games before, there is nothing left to explore.

Wintersun6162255d ago

"redefine - give a new or different definition to"


No mention of "taking it to a different level" whatsoever. All they need to do to redefine it, is to do it like no other video game has done before. It's not about any specific morality issues either, it's about HOW they do it. And that is what they can indeed redefine.

Lord_Sloth2255d ago

Just because you can't think of anything new doesn't mean it hasn't been done. Just means you have no imagination.

DigitalAnalog2255d ago

I think you're taking the term to seriously. Sure, tackling morality is nothing new in videogames but they always fall under the same type of choices. Shoot X/ Save Y and then variations on that formula.

From the looks of this, this doesn't seem to go under that same vein. Rather the whole "moral" issue is most likely fixed but it's the gameplay that leads up to the subject that is of importance. Hence "redefining" the formula.